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If you're looking for ideas for a fun way to start a home, church or office Christmas Adult game holiday printable puzzle site, or have your friends or family enjoy a good natured challenge, these original Christmas party games may be just what you are looking for. You can copy and paste them or with a very few clicks you will be able to download them to your word processor and freely print out as many as you need.

Note: All Christmas games are not alike. The first game especially, Adult game holiday printable puzzle site designed to get people Adult game holiday printable puzzle site up. Once you do that, your group will get comfortable quickly It may seem to be almost too simple, but it works. Go ahead and try to Adult game holiday printable puzzle site a few of the first party game questions, see if you don't find yourself singing along in your head as you do so.

Simply click on a link to try out the game, or scroll down for more info. Songs of Christmas game 1, Example: What color is Christmas without you? Hodgepodge Christmas Challenge: a bit of all of these Name Adult game holiday printable puzzle site movies with these lines Adult game holiday printable puzzle site in the sentence with Christmas words Anagrams of Christmas Carols.

Sandy's Christmas Carol Story: This may be the best classroom or family puzzle. It's a puzzle anyone can do with or without knowledge of Carols. You fill in the blanks of the kinda cute one page story with the Carol names that are provided; you just have to put them in the right blanks. It's a bit trickier than it may sound.

Most of our puzzles are designed to be adult Christmas party games, but this works for all ages and abilities because it doesn't require knowledge or cleverness, just persistence. It's more of a cozier, friendlier, sit around the fire or classroom puzzle than the others. Joust of the Carols: Choose a "Christmassy" word. Your team sings a Carol with that word in it. Now its the other teams turn. More directions and words to use can be had by clicking this link. Very simple, very fun, very much in the Christmas spirit.

Until you scroll down, please excuse a short mini commercial break. Bowtie Ski and Pole Carrier. If you Ski or Snowboard or know anyone who does; check these other " inventions" of ours.

They are "Simply the Finest". Bowtie Ski Boot Carrier. Bowtie Coil Keeper. All of these items may be purchased at Amazon at great prices. Back to the Christmas party games: We hope your guests will enjoy these games. There are ways to adjust the puzzles so they will work for any ages 10 and up.

With the best puzzles no one is stumped and very very few get all the right answers. They are not too hard, they are not too technical and yet they are enough of a challenge to get people to enjoy working together on them. Feedback says they are fun for almost any group, from office or company or church adult Christmas parties, to home and family Christmas parties. This first game is especially designed to get people to sing along, both to get the answers and to sing along when the answers are given.

The first 4 are stand up and mingle puzzles. The fifth, Sandy's Christmas carol puzzle is a sit down and think a bit puzzle that any age can do. It is has its charms too. There are 6 completely different types of games. Some are trivia, some not. Of the 6 you will find one or more that works well for you. Some of the questions are fairly straight trivia, but others use a bit of a twist of logic, that seems to be more fun than just conventional trivia.

What helps to make the season bright.? Of course you know, you'd find them: "Up on a housetop" - Reindeer Paws We made them up so it is unlikely that your guests have played them before. Each game is completely different, You'll want to take a second to check them out. Back to Bowtie Products home page. Your email address will not be published.

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