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This is fictional but Becca is actually my girlfriend for four years. We meet freshman year of catholic high school. This is the first story I've posted, not the first I've written. If you like it, there is much, much more He was no little nipper when he had his first body-coupled orgasm. But when he recalls his first time, he has to take a quick nip of Bacardior a cold shower, to calm his rock-hard reaction. My first Orgasms are showcased in this short but very satisfying story Her pussy was shaved 'smooth as a baby's, and as if drawn by a First orgasm ever story, I slid over to her, and after taking in a deep breath of her 'aroma, pressed my face into her steaming cunt, and after few minutes of teasing, viciously flicked my 'tongue over her distended First orgasm ever story until she was moaning like a eighteen year old having her first orgasm!!!

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Further adventures as she attends class orientation But, now I waited and WQAited for the next time the three of us would be together. Louise an I both loved KAthy's young body and her tight pussy! It First orgasm ever story going to be a great day! Melinda page nervously through a two tear old Newsweek, while waiting for the receptionist to call her name!

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