Her legs over his thighs as he continued to ram his unforgiving cock inside her. Stefan shoved his snake into her garden; his hands rubbing at her flower; before he sense in urgent desire to cum.

The young Salvatore grabbed hold her the brunet hips; and fucked her faster then before. Stefan looked at his fuck-toy in the eyes.

Stefan continued to pull at her hips; fucking the scared brunet hard; as he enjoyed her pussy hole; until he finally burst inside of her; his white juice shooting inside of her; his body finally reaching his goal; his body at his peak in pleasure.

Stefan continued to thrust inside of her; wanting her Lips legs lash tumblr take all of his cum that he had produced. The young Salvatore fell on top of her; as he continued to pump what was left of his juice.

When Katherine was finish masturbating in the other room; from the screams of her sister being raped; she had gotten dressed; in hopes to play Lips legs lash tumblr role of her own. Katherine stood near the bed in silence as she watch her slave finish raping her sister. Her body started convulsing in his strong arms, her toes tensing, the girl arching her back and throwing her head against the pillow.

She glanced up at Stefan and even though she cum, nothing about it made her happy or satisfied. The only pleasure she got from this were her two orgasms, everything else was associated with pain, tears, and blood. She felt all of his weight over her small frame,the girl barely able to stand him being like this. He was still inside of her, she could feel it…he was moving slowly in and out.

The brunette closed her eyes only for a second and next thing she knew, Katherine was right there next to them. Shame, embarrassment, and sadness overwhelmed Elena, as she pulled a sheet over her and Stefan. She had no idea why she still felt those emotions but she did. Stefan felt Katherine grabbing onto his arms and moved her ass around as if it was too much for her to take. It was warm and moist and he was desperate to cum, so he drove it in and out faster and faster, all the while admiring the feel of her soft bouncy tits.

Hearing her whimper only made him go faster; taking pleasure in knowing his cock was making her cry. When he slipped out of her, she almost pouted, but however was glad that the pain was taken away as well. In one swift movement, he thrusted himself into her small, perky ass without a single warning. Another cry out of pain left her dry lips, as she bit into the sheets. When he screamed at her Lips legs lash tumblr cum, she almost jumped back, so afraid Lips legs lash tumblr what he could do to her next.

So she came. The brunette let go of everything, her orgasm quick to overwhelm her. The toes on her feets tensed, a loud moan vibrating low in her throat.

By the time he asked his second question, Elena was crying again, not being able to answer properly as she was choking on her words. She was already exhausted, her small asshole hurting like hell and her pussy sore from his huge cock.

She looked over her shoulder, her hazel eyes searching for his, as Tamil star roja nude batted her eyelashes in a doll-like manner. She really did look like a beautiful little toy in that moment. Please, stop. His kiss came out of nowhere, as she felt his lips on hers. How could she enjoy this even in the slightest bit? How could she cum so hard for the man who was forcing himself onto her? Her ass was actually pushing back against him, as if to feel him deeper.

Her pussy was dripping even more as he started playing with it, and loud moans of his name echoed around. He wanted to be inside of her; Lips legs lash tumblr wanted to remind her that she was his fuck-toy; Katherine or no Katherine.

Thoughts of what he wanted to do to her quickly ran through his mind. Stefan tongued played heavily with hers; sucking her tongue; Lips legs lash tumblr her, before she pushed him away again.

For a moment there she imagined him fucking Lips legs lash tumblr against the wall, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, while he was whispering all the vile things he wanted to do to her. Him being a slave, however, did relieve her.

Elena snapped back to reality as his witty comment reached her. She kind of looked like Katherine now with that stone-cold face. I remember how you made me cry, how I bled for you, how you made me your stupid fuck-toy! I remember it all, you jerk! Not tonight.

Got it? However, it was clear that Elena was a woman an every senses of the word. His body pressed up against hers; Lips legs lash tumblr body happily familiar with hers, as his tongue tasted hers; his lips forcing an entanglement with hers.

He enjoyed her for a moment; wishing he could have her all over again; wishing he could be inside of her. The young Salvatore kissed her deeply —a roughness that turned into sweet pleasure, as his lips collided with her soft lips, before he pulled away; an action he had no desire to do; but did anyway.

Show me the real monster hiding under all this kind facade. She was angry, no…she was furious and hell hath no fury like a hurt woman. Elena was hurt both mentally and physically. In a matter of seconds, he had pinned her against the wall, her wrist still gripped in his hand.

Her brown doe eyes fixated on his, lips trembling barely. Are you THAT easy Lips legs lash tumblr be angered and turn in on a woman!? I was screaming because you were ripping me apart from the inside out! His body towered over hers, rough lips forced upon her soft, cherry ones. Elena took a deep breath when he pulled away, her gaze going back and forth from his lips to his eyes. She took a hold of his tie and before realizing what she was doing, she had pulled him for another kiss.

Her lips crashed into his, pinkish tongue not even fighting for dominance and she left him control the whole thing. Her body moved against his, in that very moment Elena wanting to take Lips legs lash tumblr her dress and feel his skin against her. However, she Lips legs lash tumblr pushed him away, confusion written all over her face. The scream that Stefan heard from Katherine was unexpected; it was a sound of horror; a sound of true pain ; he thought, as his penetrated her ass in a slower motion.

However, that was impossibleStefan concluded. His cock taking pleasure from her small ass. His Lips legs lash tumblr founding its way to her innocent pussy as Lips legs lash tumblr begin to fuck her with his fingers; his eyes on her breast that jiggled wildly.

The brunette bit into his index finger, hoping to make him let go. However, she soon released her bite, exhausted from the way he was pounding her ass. He was hitting all the right spots, her little asshole opening and becoming more and more used to his thick cock. Waves of pleasure started overwhelming her once again, her body shivering from time to time. Elena only managed to nod her head at his question, perfectly Lips legs lash tumblr she was HIS fuck-toy.

He had started rubbing her swollen clit, a loud moan escaping her and echoing through-out the room. His fingers slid further down, slipping into her wet pussy as he started fingering her.

Elena looked over her shoulder, mascara running and lipstick smudged…she looked like a beautiful mess, a complete disaster. Stefan wanted things to be different with the girl; but it was clear that she only saw him one way: a monster.

Why make her see different if all she chooses is to see was the worst in him. Stefan grabbed the girl hand in middle air; his hand tighten around her wrist reminding her of his strength, of how weak she was compared to him, when she tried to hit him again. How dared he treat her like that?

You are the monster here! I slap you once My first time sex you lash out on me! What if I hit you again? Will you RAPE me again? Is that how you resolve your problems, Stefan Salvatore. Home Ask RP.

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