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View Full Version : Peeing. In the past few months, very few if any of your girls are shown taking a leak. Is it still offered to girls as something Porngif.

net plus size women could do for the camera? Are the girls not interested? Could you tell us what they think about it? I would like to see more. Are there any pissing shots coming up soon??

I remember it was said that during the Special Project some pee shoots were made. Maybe they will be on the site soon. And I'm sure that it's still offered to the models, but it seems that only Abby winters girls peeing few will actually make it.

That's a bit disappointing because I also like these kind of pics and vids. More peeing for me too, please! I know there are pee websites out there, but I like Abby's approach and photography so much better than any of theirs. And I have just introduced the site to my girlfriend, who loves it! I've also noticed that it's been a long time since any pee pics were added. I've also been dissapointed by their Abby winters girls peeing. Hopefully that will change.

I was starting to wonder if maybe Verity's accidental little shower might have killed pee pics at abbywinters. The trick is to be able to be ready, willing, and able, at the precise moment we need it, and do it in front of strangers, in an unusual environment. It is rare indeed to have that combination all happen and still be something worth looking at. And how can we forget Did I miss something? Also -- How about these. Where may I find details on this adventure? I don't think it Abby winters girls peeing anything, that series just hasn't come up yet.

IIRC there really aren't any details other than things went much further than anticipated. It has just been a dry time. So we wait Abby winters girls peeing watch.

I will do a pee shoot for you all if you want me too? Love always Rosanna xoxoxo. What would be fun is if you could tell us your feelings as you are doing the shoot. A video, with you talking about Abby winters girls peeing as you're doing it Love always Rosanna xoxoxo Wow, that would be great : :cool: Yes. Ok I will as I would love to do a pee shoot for you Abby winters girls peeing. Thats how much I love you Abby winters girls peeing. So I will do a pee shoot for you next Abby winters girls peeing they call me up.

Love always Rosanna xoxoxo ps. I will Abby winters girls peeing through it as well. Just saw Julianna's vid 2. What a shot! Rosanna, Check it out and let us know if you are up to that level. Abby and crew, please next time of course you didn't know it was going to happen like that this time get some stills too.

Especially from the side to give a real perspective of the distance and height. Maybe it is something in the "anna" that causes Abby winters girls peeing phenomenen? Especially as the site's videos get longer and more numerous, there's no need to skimp! Love always Rosanna xoxoxo Yes please, Rosanna. I'd feel like all my Christmases and birthdays had come at once if you did a pee shoot. Rosanna, may I refer you to my thread on peeing in her pants? If you will do that for me you will be my friend for life!

Well boys I did a pee shoot last week with some thing called a pmate that one of you guys asked to be used in a pee shoot well I have been asked to do another pee shoot so I may do one peeing with my undies on.

So I hope you all love me even more for doing a pee shoot for you all I hope to do a high shooter or some thing like that next time too well love you all heeps. Love always Rosanna xoxoxo That'd be just fantastic! I think there's about two or three models that have done that on this site, and I for one have thought it was really great and strangely sexy, so you'd be entering a very select group.

Rosanna, those sound fantastic. I admit that the HighShooter appeals much more than KnickersOn. Oh, Jeez. After reading that description of a Pmate, I want to see a closeup of how it "cups around the vagina" more than I want to see Rosanna pee.

Is there something wrong with me? Actually, I'm very curious myself. I've never seen such a device before. Yep, you're right, it would be more interesting. Probably the same thing that is "wrong" with all of us!

Abby winters girls peeing always Rosanna xoxoxo yes plz really want to see it Rossana. Hi, Olparty, welcome to the boards. Rosanna did say she did a pee Briana banks sucking cock, urine luck!

With regards to girls peeing in their pants, I distinctly remember at least one model doing that -- I seem to remember wet grey pants. You're going to like it here! Se should def do some more on this variation, I agree. Thanks for the reminder. Rosanna, after posting that request I lost the thread so I missed your reply until now. Thank you so much for listening to us all. You must be the most caring nude model ever! Love, Peter. We should def do some more on this variation, I agree.

And why stop at panties - peeing through jeans maybe? Throw in a few other words to go with it: "normal", "everyday", and "reality". And then the moment a model puts her hand up and volunteers to pee for the camera, everybody is falling over himself to ask her to do it some weird and kinky way that not one real live girl in a million is ever going to do in her entire life! I don't get it. Absolutely, Rosanna, do a pee scene. Do it whichever way you like of course. But most of all, do it the Abby Winters way - naturally, normally, in an everyday sort of way.

That fits so much better with the Abby Winters philosophy. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention: it's mega sexy too. Seems rather Abby winters girls peeing to me that everybody here rushes in to say how much Abby winters girls peeing like the way that AW models are so fresh and natural And then the moment a model puts her hand up and volunteers to pee for the camera, Abby winters girls peeing is falling over himself to ask her to do it some weird and kinky way Interesting point, Milktea.

Don't forget that this site is about eroticism and porn, and one person's "weird and kinky" is another person's "erotic and stimulating". Or both! So we're not perfect Abby winters girls peeing that point. Merely posing nude in front of a camera Abby winters girls peeing open ones genitalia isn't really natural. Don't tell Abby! Abby already Abby winters girls peeing and She doesn't care!

Just so long as they are holding their genitalia open naturally. Hi Milktea, An Abby winters girls peeing point about natural and comfortable.

I really had to think about it a bit. To me, they are not always the same thing. In my mind, comfortable relates to what the model is doing and natural relates to how the model looks. I forget Abby winters girls peeing model's name, but in a video she discussed the pee contests she used to have with her brothers.

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