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  1. Amor q culo tan rico, agregame a skipe es jontrax3 y bos vemos.

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There are many social studies that show men prefer shorter women over tall beauties. However, the fact is that there are men that love tall women as well. How can this be if men prefer petite beauties? Unconsciously men are drawn to shorter women. Numerous studies have shown that height is associated with power, strength, and dominance. It is also considered to be masculine. Height has always been associated with competition between men.

Men may certainly find tall beautiful women Very tall beautiful girls however deep in their brains they are intimidated without even knowing it.

One theory that is always expressed by evolutionary psychologists is that since taller women mature sexually much later, men are attracted to shorter women for the purpose of reproductive success. Because of this, unconsciously they find the shorter women more nurturing and feminine. That being said, a very interesting conclusion can be drawn from the scientific conclusions regarding men and tall women — men are actually the weaker sex. Of course, not all men are this way but it Very tall beautiful girls that the majority of them are because it will be rare to see a man with a woman that is taller than him.

Okay, that was enough from the feminist that lives inside of me. Yes, I Very tall beautiful girls it! Everything said above brings us to one very important conclusion: a Slut wife fucks rockers that dates a taller woman is definitively Very tall beautiful girls MAN!

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