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Works Collections on the web. Join The Mailing List. About Us. Contact Us. Scroll down for upcoming and past installation locations. Note: To contact Spencer Tunick, please refer to his website at www.

Go to The Spencer Tunick Forum. The Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation is a group commission, based on the principle that participants pre-purchase a signed and numbered work of art created at the party by Spencer Tunick, the edition number based on the number of participants. This year's edition was around 60, each 11x14" print individually signed and numbered by the artist. Spencer's artwork is sponsored by the film which attempts, in the telling of Dr.

Isaacs' story, to raise awareness for the disappearing family physician. The Kickstarter campaign successfully reached its goal and is now closed, but the Kickstarter Spencer tunick pool nude offers a wealth of information. Kickstarter backers were invited to take part in Spencer tunick pool nude installation which took place on July 1. An account of the installation at Mercer Street Medical. The film's home page is here. The Kickstarter page can be found here.

The main installation for this collaboration between Spencer and the Bayerische Staatsoper took place on Saturday morning, June Participants were painted red and gold and provided colour and texture for several works based on Wagner's Rings of the Nibelung. An estimated took part in a very striking number of setups which have been extensively covered by the press. Around women took part in a number of setups in front of the Opera House and inside the building, also making use of a specially constructed cone or "ring".

On the following morning, Spencer took 65 blue rhinemaidens to a small island on the Isar for a small installation also using the conical structure from the day before. June 23rd: Our own page for the main installation is slowly growing here but it is waiting for your contributions - stories and pictures! In the meantime, it has an embedded link to the official 4 minute clip released by the Bayerische Staatsoper, and an account of the morning by one of the gold participants called Flash.

June 24th: Our own page for the second day's Rheinmaiden installation at Flaucher. Hebrew Nana10 Spencer tunick pool nude 2 YNet. BE Taringa some hi-res pics. The original registration and info pages are here and here respectively. Spencer joined us on Friday evening, October Images of sugar mummy naked,for our second annual Spencer Tunick Experience Party Installation, this time at the health club of lovely Prested Hall Nude claudine auger pussy Colchester, kindly provided for the occasion by owner, Mike Carter.

This year, Spencer chose three setups, the first in one of Prested Hall's two Real Tennis courts, the second took place in the gym, and the third in the fitness club's swimming pool. Martin took part in the installation and wrote about it on his blog: Everyday Life Model.

The original Registration page The original Kickstarter campaign can be found here. This summer and fall Gaasbeek Castle in Belgium will be occupied by numerous sleeping beauties. The exhibition Sleeping Beauties 9 September — 13 November presents a selection of contemporary artworks that all in a different way touch upon the broad theme of sleep and dream.

Spencer chose to explore a variety of different themes for his contribution to the Sleeping Beauties project. Sword wielding knights without the shining armour ; The King, the young prince, the advisers and the royal guard; Maidens in fairytale head-dresses and enchanted trees.

Women fall back into the arms of their men in front of the castle, before all Spencer tunick pool nude fall into a deep slumber lasting a hundred years. The long slumber ends with a massive pillow fight, the magnitude of which has never been seen before. We all love a good fairy tale, and Gaasbeek Castle provided the perfect setting. Press coverage has been abundant for this installation. Spencer made another trip to the UK infor an installation for his party series.

This took place in Cambridge on October 14 ,and was organised by the editor of this website, yours truly, hence its long and convoluted name.

This was a very small installation Spencer tunick pool nude took place at the home of one of the participants, and involved setups in three rooms in the house.

Participants pre-purchased a signed and numbered 11 x 14" print of an edition of During this trip, Spencer also spent some time shooting a number of individuals, in several London locations between Great Portland Street and Notting Hill. Spencer actually held a series of installations in three different locations over two mornings, utilising black umbrellas for the first location on a hill overlooking the town, and transparent umbrellas for the second location in the streets of the Spencer tunick pool nude town of Aurillac.

The third setup at the Aurillac SNCF Railway Station, took place the following morning with the participation of around women, French flags of varying sizes, smoke machines and 4 brave men, in a re-enactment of Eugene Delacroix's famous painting Liberty Leading The People.

The artwork from Spencer tunick pool nude first day was revealed on the following evening by the Hotel de Ville. Our own Aurillac Festival page is here. The Austrian Kleine Zeitung was the first news service to report the installation, with a generous slideshow of photos by Sascha Prabitz.

The official Spencer Tunick page on the Festival website is here. An estimated or so revellers at Spencer tunick pool nude Big Chill, and a handful of people who were definitely not there for the music, shed their clothes in favour of body paint for Spencer's installation at The Big Chill Festival. This was a first for Spencer, and in his brief he said: "I know what I am doing, but I don't know what I am doing Among the setups, Spencer paid homage to the art of Yves Spencer tunick pool nude, Mark Rothko and Ellsworth Kelly, and in the final group of setups with the Blue, Teal and Black Spencer tunick pool nude participants, made a rather effective reference to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, as four rows of black painted participants interwove their way into a blue and teal sea.

Our Big Chill page is here. From the blogs: Face Culture Jumping Anaconda. Over one remarkable weekend in May, Tunick made a series of photographs and a new film of his multiple-site installation in Salford and Manchester. Volunteers were taken, via a caravan of heated buses, to eight locations over the weekend of 1 - 2 Spencer tunick pool nude and asked to pose naked while Tunick created the installation. The resulting photographic and film work will the be shown at The Lowry from 12 June - 26 September as part of the exhibition, Everyday People.

This DVD includes footage from both days, and is around 13 minutes long. Our dedicated Everyday People page is here. Our own Mardi Gras Page with contributions from four participants. The original registration page can be found here. Christian and Alistair have provided us with their experiences here. Our Montauk Point page is here.

A collection of some images from the project, can be found here. If you participated in this installation, and would like to contribute some words to accompany the pictures, please email us here. This installation almost went unnoticed as participation was limited to Shoreditch House members only and was kept secret until the last minute.

Spencer was allowed to bring five guests into the club for the installation, and one of these participants wrote down her impression of the installation. The Sunday morning installation took place in the new development at Bolands Mills, Grand Canal Dock, with people posing on the balconies of the new develpment buildings. A further installation took place with women only on the roof of one of the buildings. Despite the harsh weather conditions, Spencer tunick pool nude seems to agree that the craic was mighty in Dublin.

Our Dublin page is here. Sadly, Spencer's official Ireland Website with images and videos is now closed. Emer was at both installations, and she Spencer tunick pool nude posted a detailed blog here. Our own Happel Stadium page we still could use another contribution or two if you were there.

AT includes pictures and a video DiePresse. Chris was there and this is his account The original notification and a first glimpse of one of the polaroit prints can be seen here. The Tunick Page on the Sagamore Hotel's website formerly the registration Spencer tunick pool nude provides information about the Sagamore Hotel installation and a number of documentary photos by Melissa Marino.

Of the numerous press links that we had posted, only Local still have a live link. The installation was part of a Greenpeace campaign to raise awareness of global warming. Kris, Mike and Patsie were there and have contributed experiences and pictures from the day. Visit our Aletsch Glacier page here. This installation was followed the following day by a smaller installation with around 20 people on nearby Spencer tunick pool nude. Read Kris' account of the small installation here.

On April 15, Spencer Tunick Spencer tunick pool nude the first installation for Dream Amsterdam, an arts event envisioned and organised by Jamain Brigitha, an artist and curator herself.

This installation took place in a tulip field in Schermerhorn with around participants. Visit our Schermerhorn page here. The main Dream Amsterdam installation took place on June 3rd and comprised about participants in various setups in and around the Q-Park, and a small installation on the Leliegracht. Visit our Amsterdam page here. Visit the official Dream Amsterdam website here Reuters coverage of the Schermerhorn installation can be found here.

The largest Spencer tunick pool nude Tunick installation to date took place on May 6th, with 18, participants filling Spencer tunick pool nude Zocalo Square.

We have pictures from the installation kindly provided by a press photographer who was there, and a couple of lovely pieces from two participants. Our Zocalo Square page can be found here. A further installation took place at the Frida Kahlo museum with around women made up with the the artist's signature hairstyle. I believe that among the prerequisites to participate in this installation, was the requirement to have a rather prominent monobrow. Spencer was invited to Dusseldorf to create several installations for the ArtCity Spencer tunick pool nude of Dusseldorf's Quadriennalle.

Silke and Michaela took part in the installations on August 6. Spencer was in San Sebastian on April 22nd Spencer was in Caracas Venezuela on March 19th

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