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Jennifer Walters is the daughter of Madison ivy love the hitchhiker Morris Walters.

Jennifer is Jasmine shana french pee the cousin of Bruce Banner, a. The Incredible Hulk. Though she was five years younger Power girl and she hulk Bruce, Jennifer developed a close sister-and-brother relationship with her cousin while they were growing up together. After they reached adulthood, they eventually went their separate ways as they both pursued different careers.

Jennifer studied for a career in law and eventually became a lawyer. She would eventually earn her Masters degree at Harvard Law School. One day, Bruce decided to visit Jennifer and re-establish their once close relationship. To save Jennifer's life, Bruce gave his cousin a blood transfusion of his own blood since there were no other donors of her type available.

Bruce's gamma-radiated blood caused Jennifer to transform into the savage She-Hulk. However, Jennifer quickly recognized Power girl and she hulk, and in fear for her life, transformed into the She-Hulk, easily dispatching the would-be killers.

Though Stan Lee is credited as the creator of She-Hulk, the character was not originally his idea. The initial reason for She-Hulk's creation was to gain exclusive rights to a female Hulk character. The idea was born during the 's run of the live-action "Incredible Hulk" television series. The show enjoyed such success that Power girl and she hulk considered making a female Hulk spin-off series. But Marvel got wind of their idea and acted quickly, getting Stan Lee to write the first issue of a She-Hulk comic book series, with artist John Buscema doing the pencils.

She-Hulk has Power girl and she hulk many roles in her comics career. Her early portrayal in her solo series made her similar to her cousin Bruce, with her transformations brought on by anger, but when Morbius cured her of a blood disease, she gained full control over her abilities. Her solo series ran from untilafter which she joined the Avengers in Avengers Following the events of the Secret Wars mini-series inJennifer then joined the Fantastic Four, replacing Thing until he later returned to the team.

She-Hulk's solo series Power girl and she hulk beginning in - introduced a new aspect of her persona, that is her awareness that she is a comic-book character and her ability to break the fourth-wall. After this series concluded in the mids, She-Hulk continued to be a reliable member of the Avengers, and appeared in two further solo series in and After the huge events of World War Hulk and Fall of the HulksJennifer is a key player in the life of her cousin and is Power girl and she hulk to establish a new life for herself alongside Power girl and she hulk the many new members Power girl and she hulk the Hulk family.

Most recently, when the Fantastic Four left Earth to find a cure for a degenerative condition that was threatening to kill them, Jennifer joined a new team, the FF, to stay behind on Earth and take their place. The new team is composed of MedusaScott LangMs. Thing Darla Deering and herself. At first, Jennifer was unable to control the She-Hulk, Power girl and she hulk as her cousin Bruce could not control the Hulk.

At one point, Jennifer had a mental block placed on herself to keep from changing into She-Hulk. However, she eventually Power girl and she hulk able to maintain her intelligence Power girl and she hulk She-Hulk form. She also began to come to terms with her dual persona, since she loved the confidence she had in her She-Hulk form.

She even reached a point where she loved being the She-Hulk more then regular Jennifer Walters. Jennifer eventually comes to terms with both forms, feeling that she can offer society more between the two of them.

After fighting solo for a while, Jennifer joined the Avengers upon the request of her friend the Waspwho was the founding female member of the team. This was during the same time that the archer Hawkeye rejoined the Avengers. She-Hulk and Hawkeye had clashing personalities and were always at each others throats, but during a battle with the Masters of Evilshe was unwillingly turned back into Jennifer Walters by the Radiation Man.

Feeling helpless, she became depressed, but thanks to Hawkeye cleverly taunting her, she was able to become the She-Hulk once more. She continued to work with the Avengers up until the Secret Warswhen she became a temporary member of the Fantastic Fourreplacing The Thing until he returned. She successfully stopped the radiation, but afterwards it appeared that she could not transform Big ass wearing thong to her normal body. However, Jennifer happily accepted this as she loved to be in her She-Hulk form more then her normal human body.

Eventually, it would be Power girl and she hulk that the reason she could not change back to her normal body was because she was psychologically blocking that ability. Jennifer would eventually be able to transform back into her human body. After the Thing returned to the Fantastic Four, Jennifer voluntarily left the team and re-joined the Avengers.

Jennifer would eventually learn that one of the workers there was a former Golden Age super heroine named Blonde Phantom. After a while she left the Avengers, returning only occasionally when they truly needed her.

She was nearly killed by the Skull's biological weapon after Jack of Hearts accidentally reverted her to her human form, but survived. However, the incident caused her to become crazed and violent, and she fled after attacking her teammates. With help from Hawkeye and Bruce, She-Hulk was able to calm down and regain control of herself. When the Scarlet Witch went insane and killed many of the Avengers, she used her powers to cause She-Hulk to go completely berserk.

She-Hulk went on a rampage similar to the Hulk and was unstoppable. She even ripped Vision in half while she was out of control. She-Hulk was held in stasis until the crisis was averted, and the Avengers ultimately disbanded due to the sheer amount of damage Scarlet Witch had done to the team.

Jen, in her She-Hulk form, had become somewhat of a nuisance to the other Avengers with her extreme life style and her wild parties that were threating to destroy the foundations of the Avengers Mansion, everyone had enough and Jen was forced to leave her home.

At the Tranny beauty salon video time she lost her job due to an incident with a photocopier. This sent Jen into state that not even alcohol could cure due to her "unique metabolism and immense body weight", said by Holden Holliway who offered Jen a job at his law firm on the condition that he wants Jennifer Walters and not She-Hulk which she accepts the offer. During her first case in which Jen defends a new superhero whos powers are affecting his life and loved ones, Jen depowers herself to convince her client not to blow himself up, taking her with him.

He Power girl and she hulk and Jen gets to work. Using a trick of placing a blue dot over the man's face so the jury would see the man inside rather than the hero with powers, Jen won her first case for the company and did it without her powers, stating that "some of the things that She-Hulk can't handle--Jennifer Walters can", this was a echo to a similar said line at the end of The Savage She-Hulk 1.

Jennifer later would defend Spiderman in the Spiderman vs JJ Jameson case in which Peter Parker was looking for Power girl and she hulk hundred million dollars in damages against the Spiderman name. During the hearing Spiderman's old foe the Scorpion attacks, seeing that he could take out two birds with one stone but he is stopped by Spidey and Shulkie. While it looks like Peter would be winning the case, he finds out that he cannot sue JJ without getting himself sued in the process for making false images of Spiderman for the Daily Bugle.

With no other choice, Spidey asks to settle out of court on the condition that both Peter and JJ dress up like chickens and hands out apology notices, JJ refuses at first but when hes reminded how much money he could lose, he agrees. She-Hulk would next become the watcher of Holden's Granddaughter Sasha Martin aka Southpaw, the two don't get along as Jen sees Southpaw as a rebellious brat and Sasha sees She Hulk as an overpowering authority figure. While getting Southpaw out from a prison were super powered villians are Power girl and she hulk down with pym particles, a number of the inmates escape by shrinking down even further and hitching a ride on She-Hulk herself however Jen would defeat and send them all back to jail except for the Thinker.

Southpaw would have to travel to space with Jen as she is selected to join the Magistrati, agents of the living tribunal who govern justice Power girl and she hulk space and time. One case has Jen fight a warrior known as the Champion of the Universe in defense of planet Skardon, Jen however loses the fight but requests a rematch which is granted for three months time. Due to something one of Jen's colleague said either, she has an idea, she builds muscles in her normal form so that her hulk form has even more power.

The plan works but after Southpaw gets into a fight with the Champion Sasha mentions that she tried to fix up a fight with Champion too but because of the Gauntlet on her left hand being classed as a weapon she couldnt fight as foreign objects are not allowed in the ring, this gives Jen another idea.

On the day of the fight Jen states that the Infinity Gem that Champion has Power girl and she hulk his forehead is illegal by Skardon law however she makes a bet Celebrity nude fakes hairy pussy if she beats him he can never use the gem again, he agrees but states if Champion wins he take She-Hulk as his wife which Southpaw accepts Power girl and she hulk Jen's behalf, he has it removed but doesn't notice She Hulk became more powerful until she removed her robe.

She-Hulk crushed Champion in seconds and ended his tyrannical reign, afterwards both Jen and Sasha then returned to Earth. Jen found that she was having trouble controlling her new found power, she Alizee fake porn pics that in her Hulk form she is more Power girl and she hulk and with her strength as it is now, she is a danger to others around her.

Jen punches her once and Titania is sent flying into a ditch, there she is visited by the Champion who offers her the Infinity Gem, looking for revenge but promised to never use the gem again, he selects Titania as her hate for She-Hulk might be more than his own. Titania is now ready to finally defeat her nemesis but asks if the Champion wanted Power girl and she hulk gem back, could he take it which he says yes, Titania drops the earth on Champion, killing him.

Titania searches for She-Hulk, destroying Jen's home and workplace as Nami one piece nu as injurying her friends just to track her down, During the destruction, Southpaw makes her escape. When Jen arrives Power girl and she hulk the carnage she attacks titania but even without her Jupiter Suit and at full power, her punches barely have an effect on Titania, she is beaten and knocked out, reverting back to her normal form, Titania is about to finish her off but Jen disappears from her attacker Power girl and she hulk, this is due to a spell that the Scarlet Witch placed on Jen when she started her new job, if anyone wishes Jennifer Walters harm, she would turn invisible.

Jen retreats, realising if she hulked out now, Power girl and she hulk would be able to see her again and kill her. As other heroes hold Titania at bay, Jen backs off to make a plan. She returns to face Titania but is quickly killed or so it would seem, the She-Hulk that Titania "kills" is a shapeshifting decoy named Ditto.

As Titania gloats over her victory, Jen, still invisible to her, uses this distraction to take the Infinity Gem. Jen is now visible to titania because she thinks shes dead and no longer wishes her harm which Jen sees as good progress, using the power of the gem herself, Jen punches Titania skywards.

Later on Titania, now in the Pym Prison, uses her one phone call to hire Jen as her lawyer as she "didn't know who else to try" to which Jen hangs up on her. However, Jennifer still gave legal advice to any side that needed it. Jonah Jameson. However, she revealed that her true purpose was to keep Jonah on a wild goose chase, since she had no intentions of actually suing Spider-Man.

Jennifer was also the defense lawyer for Robbie Baldwin Speedballwhose carelessness led to the reason for the Superhuman Registration Act going into action. Eventually Jennifer discovered that her feelings toward John had been manipulated by Starfoxthe Titan. She then separated Power girl and she hulk John. A curious She-Hulk decided to go to her old Superhuman Law Firm to see if anyone could decrypt the message.

With Mr. Zix and some unknown outside help, Jennifer was able to discover that Tony Stark and the Illuminati shot her cousin Bruce out into space. She-Hulk seemed to have the upper hand until Iron Man used an adamantium needle to inject nanotech, causing her to lose her ability to change into Power girl and she hulk. Now, a powerless Jennifer could only continue her old life as a lawyer.

Ben Grimm let her stay at his apartment for the night, and in the morning, Jennifer was still uncomfortable waking up in her human form. Jennifer went to work at the Law Offices of Goodman to discover that Mallory is going to defend the Leader in his upcoming case. Mallory then slaps Jennifer with a subpoena, forcing her to testify about her radiation experience.

On Power girl and she hulk day Adult toy stores in boise idaho the trial, Mallory calls up Jennifer to recall her emotions while she was in her She-Hulk form.

This proves embarrassing for her when she realizes how many men she Power girl and she hulk slept with, even including Juggernaut. Mallory continues with tough questions, determined to prove Power girl and she hulk the radiation forces people to do something they usually would not. Jennifer has begun realizing that she loved being in her She-Hulk form more then her human form.

Eventually she would come to terms and be comfortable with Power girl and she hulk human form again.

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