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My wife Hina, is very shy and conservative by nature. She comes from a Pakistani Muslim Pathan background as do I and normally wears full length clothes in public with minimal show of skin. Shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops, cleavage, form fitting clothes all are a big no, despite my encouragement. The only time she opens up and dresses a bit more sexy is when we are on vacation in a place where we would not know anyone. We even had some other adventures as well, stories of which I have written here, those times and experiences seem a world away now and in another lifetime.

Since children, she does not wear sexy clothes on vacation anymore, and most of our vacations are family friendly, Disney and Disney type vacations anyway. All the above makes this true story, my feelings, and the whole incident even more surreal and dream like. Hina is 33, 5'4", pounds. Light olive skin and long, Dark brown hair. She has a perfect figure, her boobs are between Pakistani girls nude beaches C and D cup, with medium sized and medium brown areolas, and longish when aroused or cold dark brown nipples.

Her ass is small but perfectly round and non-saggy, with 2 very sexy venus bumps right above, and a clean, tight, Pakistani girls nude beaches asshole. Her pussy is also very clean, smallish despite children and tight. She keeps all her privates fully shaved. My line of work often makes me travel across North America. Recently I had to go on a 10 day trip to Vancouver. I mentioned my Vancouver trip to her, Hina was available and decided to tag along. Her mother just recently retired so she was more than fine to take care of the children so we could enjoy some time alone, she actually encouraged it as she has seen us not take any time off away on our own in the last 10 years.

I had a series of meetings scheduled but about 4 of the 10 days we were there were completely free. One day was very warm and sunny so we decided to take a drive. I looked on the map and saw we were 20 minutes away from "wreck beach". On the Pakistani girls nude beaches I head read in the past that this is a public nude beach, so without informing Hina, I headed the rental car in that direction.

When we were on the road close Pakistani girls nude beaches the beach, we saw many people parking, and walking towards a sign that said wreck beach access. I suggested to Hina that it sounds like a nice beach and its so warm, we should Pakistani girls nude beaches it out. She agreed and we parked. There was a sign at the entrance that said you may encounter nude sunbathers but I distracted her so she did not notice it.

We went down the stairs and came upon the beach. It was fully crowded and initially Hina did not notice the nudity. When we went up finally she saw all the nude men, Pakistani girls nude beaches, families, even the stall owners men and women were all nude. This beach is right next to a university so there were many, many students there as well. I was in heaven looking at the hot bodies and beautiful people. Hina Big tits topless nude beach got very shy and red, and wanted to go back.

I convinced her that now we are here, might as well enjoy. It took a lot of convincing, details of which I shall spare, but finally she agreed to sit on a log. Beside the log in front of us, were lying 2 hot college students, one blonde, the other dark hair. On our right was a black dude sunbathing, and on our left was a young married couple, Caucasian and both had very fit but homely bodies.

Aside this there were MANY people of all types just walking around. I took of my shirt, Hina was looking all around nervously, I could see her glancing shyly at the nude women, then at the guys, and I could see her stealing glances at guys cocks, some of the guys had huge uncut ones a fascination for Hina.

I could see her turning red. After a while I took of my shorts and remained in my boxers. I asked her she should take her shirt off she was wearing jeans and a button down shirtshe said no, then I said her bra is a nice one, gives more coverage than even a bikini top and we look awkward fully clothed. She finally agreed after some more encouragement and took her shirt off. Then I stood up and said I am joining the crowd and took my boxers off. She tried to stop me but I said I'm Pakistani girls nude beaches it.

I then sat down and said we should go for a dip. She said Pakistani girls nude beaches, but I said Auntys sex vi tamil your jeans off as wet jeans are the worst.

She said no, but again I said you are wearing nice panties. She kept on saying no, so I said I am going alone. In the water there were a few nude girls around me, I didn't talk to them but I think Hina got a little jealous, and before I know it, she takes her jeans off and is coming in. We stayed in the water about Pakistani girls nude beaches minutes, then went back. Luckily her white panties had become somewhat see-thru not her bra however, as it was black and thick material. This time we lay down on Adult directory gallery image sand next to our log to dry off.

I encouraged her to turn over and remove her bra as the thick material will take forever to dry. She agreed, flipped on her tummy and removed her bra and I put it on the log.

Her wet panties left nothing to the imagination as they had become see thru, of which I informed her and she took a look and said OMG in panic. I said don't worry, in fact take them off too as it doesn't really matter.

After much convincing and encouragement, she said ok. There she was, lying nude on her tummy, people walking by admiring and looking at her back and bum. A few minutes in, an old guy, nude and I am sure Pakistani girls nude beaches Indian, came by and asked me if I had a light, all the time looking at Hina's bum.

Hina was alerted and was visibly nervous. I don't smoke so I didn't, but the Lesbian foot fetish sex guy on our right did. The old guy who had an uncut, medium size cock took a smoke and just sat down beside the black guy talking to him.

After a while Hina got hot, so I asked her to turn over. Again it took a lot of encouragement as she wanted her clothes back, I told her they were still wet, and finally she turned over.

Her cheeks were red like apples, but there she was, her full body on display to anyone who ventured by. The old dude just kept looking, as well as the couple kept stealing glances.

Many people walked by, many looked. After a while Hina sat up. The old guy got up and came by, said hello, asked about us but Hina was not in a mood to chat, so he took a hint and went away. But the minutes he was with us, he had a good, up close view of Hina's boobs and pussy.

Later I convinced Hina to take another dip, we walked over among a crowd, it was surreal. Most of the people were Caucasian or East Asian, but we did notice about Pakistani couples students by the looksBUT all were clothed. They noticed us as well but not sure if they realized we were also Pakistani.

We also took a walk over to the food stand, and from the sound of his accent the seller was clearly Arab, and I think he thought we were too and just kept on Pakistani girls nude beaches at Hina and her bits.

We walked to another stall selling souvenirs, which was run by this a very hot latina chick, fully naked. We walked around exploring a bit more, Hina had become comfortable now. After a while it got VERY busy and we saw a lot of people come down, many were fully clothed tourists, even Pakistani girls nude beaches couple of Pakistani families, women in Pakistani girls nude beaches clothes shalwar kameez.

But they were here just for the sights, and most of the women seemed pissed off at their husbands for bringing them there, all these new people did not undress. Hina started to get nervous again, as we knew some families in Vancouver and we even knew another Pakistani girls nude beaches who were touring Vancouver around the same time.

We had been there about 3 hours so decided to get dressed, pack up and leave. After that Hina has not really talked about it, just says it was an enjoyable day, but for me it was just surreal and one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

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