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It first aired on May 6th Kamina makes it a point to tell Simon that people have eyes facing forward so they can see the distant landscape and move forward. As for their journey, the group discovers that the enemy return-point target is actually on the move. Kamina and Gurren Lagann quickly get to work defeating them, but one Gunman gets away.

However, they soon lose sight of it Naked gurren lagann girls a fog and instead find an old man; Old Coco. This old man leads them to a nearby inn where a ton of bunny girls celebrate the men as heroes. In fact, the lady who runs the resort seems to Naked gurren lagann girls about Kamina and the Gurren Brigade.

Rossiu finds it all very suspicious, but everyone else is content with enjoying their surroundings and the food. During dinner, KiyohKiyaland Kinon suddenly show Naked gurren lagann girls. The three of them are there without their brother, Rossiu asks the Black Siblings if they had also been chasing a Gunman when they came into the fog and were guided to this place by an old man. The lady who runs the inn then tells everyone about the hot springs, so they all go for a dip.

Thinking about fate, Kamina and Simon then share their memories of their adventures leading up to now. Simon eventually notices that the other side of the bath has gotten strangely quiet, so he lifts Kamina up over Naked gurren lagann girls dividing wall to check on the girls.

Simon manages to reach Lagann in time, but Kamina gets Gurren stolen out from under him when the enemy Beastmen carry it away. Kamina and the girls all board the Gunman and engage in a chaotic fight with bunny girls and other toad-looking Beastmen.

Although the group succeeds in disrupting the Gunman, Kamina also Naked gurren lagann girls surrounded with armed Beastmen. However, he is so angry that he knocks them all away and calls on Simon to come retrieve them. Rossiu meanwhile had run into the Gunmen stealing Gurren, so he piloted it and destroyed them. Their victory, however, is short-lived because an energy blast soon sends them reeling.

This blast came courtesy of Viral and his EnkiViral says that it's been a while, and Team Gurren, along with the others are shocked to find out Viral is back. A "director's cut" version was included on DVD releases. The uncut version of this episode does not include the reminiscences about prior episodes, and instead features more explicit content such as:.

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