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Skip to content. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created an ultrasonic sensor that allows amputees to control each of their prosthetic fingers individually. The first amputee to use it, a musician who lost part of his right arm five years ago, is now able to play the piano for the first time since his accident. He can even strum the Star Wars theme song. Jason Barnes is the amputee working with Weinberg. The year-old was electrocuted during a work accident inforcing doctors to amputate his right arm just below the elbow.

Barnes no longer has his hand and most of his forearm but does have the muscles in his residual limb that control his fingers. He switches the arm into various modes by pressing buttons on the arm.

Each mode has two programmed moves, which are controlled by him either flexing or contracting Luke skywalker prosthetic hand forearm muscles. For example, flexing allows his index finger and thumb to clamp together; contracting closes his fist. But then Luke skywalker prosthetic hand team looked around the lab and saw an ultrasound machine. When Barnes tries to move his amputated Luke skywalker prosthetic hand finger, the muscle movements differ from those seen when he tries to move any other digit.

Weinberg and the team fed each unique movement into an algorithm that can quickly determine which finger Barnes wants to move. The ultrasound signals and machine learning can detect continuous and simultaneous movements of each finger, as well as how much force he intends to use.

His first love is the drums, so the team fitted him with a prosthetic arm with two drumsticks in He controlled one of the sticks. The other moved on its own by listening to the music in Luke skywalker prosthetic hand room and improvising. The device gave him the chance to drum again. The robotic stick could play faster than any drummer in the world. The Luke skywalker prosthetic hand can control of his fingers individually. Jason Barnes lost part of his right arm in He can now play Britney spears gallery nude piano by controlling each of Luke skywalker prosthetic hand prosthetic fingers.

Jason Maderer National Media Relations maderer gatech. Jason Barnes plays the piano with a new prosthesis that is driven by ultrasound. Additional Videos. The Center for Music Technology's video that explains how the arm works. Additional Photos.

Jason Barnes Jason Barnes lost part of Luke skywalker prosthetic hand right arm in Download Image. Prosthetic Arm The arm has an ultrasound sensor, allowing it to watch the muscles as they move.

Research Team Gil Weinberg standing, blue shirt in middle leads the team that developed the arm. Categories Science and Technology. Williams Paper Museum.

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