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I too once went on the hunt for tips and tricks on anal douching and unfortunately, there is sometimes a lot of bad advice out there. Once the douche has enough water inside, I would recommend no more than ml, stay vertical, try not to lie down as this can cause the water to travel further up than it needs too and gently insert the end of the douche into your anus use lube if you need too and gently squeeze some of the water inside of yourself, wait 5 minutes jump around, walk about the bathroom, rock backwards and forwards and then sit on the toilet and expel all of the water and repeat up to 3 times maximum twice How to anal douche ideal, try not to douche more than this.

Try douching around 30 minutes before sexy time as you want to be sure you have expelled all of the water and it gives your anus a chance to restore the mucus in your rectum that is essential to lubrication. Another tip is to eat a high fiber diet the day before and try and eat good foods, avoiding things that can How to anal douche your system up things like red meat, bread, etc.

I would also always How to anal douche douching after you have been to the toilet. This is my BASICS anal doucheit holds ml of water but I would recommend just filling it with ml, especially if this is your first time douching.

The nozzle is slim so you can be sure of easy insertion and if that is something you are concerned about you can use some lube on the nozzle before insertion to ensure it slides in easily. Hips girls wearing tight dress porn douche is extremely easy to use simply fill it with lukewarm water and gently squeeze it into your anus. This one is ideal for beginners and it does give me that peace of mind that no residue is going to slip out, it has helped me become way less paranoid and actually thoroughly enjoy anal sex.

Thank you for reading my article on anal douching, if you have any questions Atlanta ga european erotic massage just send them in or leave them in the How to anal douche below!

Your email How to anal douche will not be published. Pros Of Using How to anal douche Anal Douche Gives you peace of mind Cleans out your rectum for mess-free anal play Helped me to really let go and just enjoy anal sessions The douche is really cheap but still great quality Non-intimidating design Douche is really easy to clean and use Makes me worry less knowing I am clean Important Information About Douching Do not use a saline solution, always use plain water, a saline solution can cause adverse effects.

Try not to douche to often, a few times a month is absolutely fine. How to anal douche the douche constantly can expel more water than you need into your rectum which can travel unnecessarily and cause you to expel excess water and in some cases can unbalance your good gut bacteria. How to anal douche yourself in a vertical position to stop unwanted travel of water. Do not buy enemas, especially the ones you can buy in grocery stores these are for people with severe constipation and the result will not be pretty, they are also not great to use.

Wait for those things to How to anal douche over. Eat a good diet the day before anal play and douching. Also, make sure you have pooped before anal sex. Comments Your effortless prose made me want to be a cleaner person. Good heavens. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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