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The house was in its usual chaos. My kid brothers and sisters were always scrambling to get ready, to get dropped off somewhere or my mother was scrambling to go pick them up. Dance, sports, band, so-and-sos house. Today mom was bopping from kitchen to living room and up the stairs shouting orders, questions and reminders. I was on the couch, weekend bag next to me, watching U-M getting abused on the football field.

My dad was at work, doing an extra weekend shift to keep us afloat. I know you don't like going there but your Grandma really appreciates it. So does Aunt Suzie. You don't know how much it means to them and how they talk about you. They can remember me in the will. My kid brother shouted from upstairs. My mom turned her back and marched. She walked in bearing shopping bags of foods, gifts and treats.

My Aunt Suzie was behind her closing the door to the October wind. My Grandma Cheryl was 64, about 5'8 with short spikey, dyed blonde hair. Hispanic teen nudists naturists was curvy and thick, breasts about 40D, big wide ass and legs, belly wrapped by her long leather coat.

Her fine-lined blue eyes sparkled, looking into mine. She was made up just enough. Her skin had a slight bed tan. We hugged and cheek kissed. I stepped over to hug Aunt Suzie, Grandma Cheryl's younger sister at Suzie was about 5'9 and even thicker and softer then Grandma Cheryl. Her 44 E breasts hung low on her belly, with a round and booming ass to go with them.

She kept her long red hair colored with a shock of grey in front, playful blue eyes behind her glasses, held tight by high cheekbones. Her milky white, wide face usually in a closed lipped smile.

She wore a similar long black leather. Looking like exactly what she Grandmas love getting fucked - a school teacher. Her cool, soft, red-nailed hand touched my face. Ready to spend a weekend with the old ladies? We all headed into the kitchen to sort Grandmas love getting fucked the goodies.

Pies and cakes, socks for my brother and a part of my sister's Halloween costume. Everyone chatted and caught up. I finished my water, watching, Grandmas love getting fucked in when asked, waiting to get on the road.

But all I have is cash," Aunt Suzie said. Aunt Suzie lived alone in a condo a few miles up to road from Grandma Cheryl. After my Grandfather died two years ago she still insisted on living in the house, about two hours drive from us. My father worked too much, not allowing him time get up there, so I was drafted to spend the weekend every month or so to take care of whatever chores she or Aunt Suzie couldn't handle. It was a Grandmas love getting fucked rural area and I enjoyed getting away from the city.

I'd just turned 19 and Monday was an off-day for my college classes. We said our goodbyes and I grabbed my bag to head for Grandma's car.

We were down the street to the stop sign when I felt Aunt Suzie's hand caress the back of neck. Her right hand slid over to stroke my crotch and she hit the accelerator. Since my sexual awakening I've always Grandmas love getting fucked BBWs. I love curves, big boobs, big butts, thick legs and arms, soft skin. I love the feel of a soft belly. I've also always been attracted to older women.

I've read the Mature and Incest stories on Literotica. Part of my mind always found my Grandma Cheryl and Aunt Suzie attractive but it was nothing I ever really imagined - I'd certainly never jerked off thinking about them. It was great fun and she was very complimentary.

I had paid attention to all that porn, studying how to eat pussy and how to fuck. It was right around this time I spent a weekend at Grandma Cheryl's.

Grandmas love getting fucked had always gotten along great. She was very easy-going and very loving to me, always touching and hugging.

Always smiling, happy and full of life. It was late summer, right before I was to start my freshman year and we'd spent the day mostly working outside. I cut the lawn and trimmed the trees and hedges while Grandma Cheryl worked in the garden. In the evening after we both showered I grilled some chicken for us, while Grandma made salad and fresh veggies.

A hot night, we ate on the deck, me in only cut-off shorts. A few times I noticed her lick her lips at me, eyes lingering on my crotch when I stood. She wore a loose blue men's dress shirt over some tight, very high lime green shorts. Her blues eyes gleaming, chin in her palm as she listened to my stories about the goings on around the house and my Spring Break adventures. If I had known at the time Grandmas love getting fucked very special to me. She enjoyed another drink and made one for me too.

It was no big deal. I'd been drinking for a year our so, but I appreciated it. She winked, her Grandmas love getting fucked small hand on my shoulder. You know how she is. Looking back, those were Grandmas love getting fucked first stirrings that sparked the instant reminder - I needed to jerk off later.

Around 11 Grandma Cheryl went to bed and I went upstairs to the guest room, where Grandma Cheryl kept her computer. That night I pulled my shorts off and booted up the computer, looking forward to some Grandmas love getting fucked relief. I kept the door open because of the heat, ceiling fan on high. The old wooden stairs creaked like crazy, so I could absolutely hear Grandmas love getting fucked coming up the stairs in time.

She was energetic but she didn't move THAT fast. The computer came on line and there was a saved file on the screen - "For Ricky" with a smiley face. I clicked on it and got the surprise of my life.

Dozens of recent pictures Grandmas love getting fucked my Grandma Cheryl nude, or in stockings and lingerie. She was sucking cock and getting fucked. Licking pussy and getting double teamed by guys. Smirks of ecstasy with a load of cum on her face.

Some of the guys looking to be about my age. Some of the women were young but most were older BBWs, like her, 50s or 60s. In another series there were five or six people in a full-blown orgy. My reaction was not thought out. It just WAS.

I was instantly hard and started stroking. A close-up of my Grandma Cheryl's shaved pussy getting filled with a thick, pink cock. Hard cock in my hand. Grandma Cheryl stood in the Xxx bangladeshi naika hd doorway in a translucent, light blue nightie that ended right above her shaved pussy.

Her nipples were gumdrop thick, pressing the thin material. She glowed in the screen's light, Grandmas love getting fucked thick and eyes on fire. I'm glad you like them. Keep touching it. Stroke it. Please, baby. It's OK. She gently turned the chair back so I was facing the screen. Her big soft tits rubbing the back of my head. Her voice lullabye soft.

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