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As you can see we are in the end time and devil will do everything possible to get unvigilant people to Big brother africa nudity side. The most annoying thing is that naked pictures of BBA housemates are going viral online. The big brother Africa has become a porn show because all they show nowadays is naked pictures of girls in the shower.

I read somewhere online that the show is an Illuminati agenda to lure more innocent souls to Big brother africa nudity. I believe u r a Christian buh ur Christianity is fake…. It is only the ulluminati members that are watching this BBA of a thing. Brother believe me those who fear God does not watch it, me inclusive. And another thing is you people should evast posting nude pictures online because by doing so you are indirectly promoting the Big brother africa nudity of satan.

As you rightly said, people should be careful because the dragon has been defeated in Heaven and was cast down on earth, he is now angry and has vowed not to enter hell alone but with many people. Please let everyone be careful with this time. God have mercy! Big brother africa nudity be sincere, i really dont learn any goodtin from d BBA stuff, wht does it potrate sef?

Like our brother says, End time is at hand, D angel are already prepared, Christ is done to rapture d saint… Are you ready to be raptured, d world is polutted!

Father save us!!! Praise d lord! I read ur comment nd am shocked……. The wise sees d trut n say it, bt d blind dout it. Wat is rly d leason 4rm BBA.

If d blind follow d blind who ll see. My brethren b wise like serperd n b armless like doaf. Elp us in dix world…. Deliver uz….

Where there is something rotten,there might be a lot of flies but if there is somthin good like sweets yu wil never see much flies hovering around.

Its the same works of satan where there is a bad thin like the bba much pipo wil b entangled. He or she who watch the has no moral Lin si yi nude pussy photos to criticise the show because you are equally part of them.

Woe unto he or she who watch the BBA. God would curse the day i watch it, of what moral lesson are they portraying other than corrupting the minds of innocent souls.

I keep saying this Islam is the way submit to his will and you would save once and for all. Bba is devilish,meaningless 2 me. Sum1 talkd abt ppl burnin their cables,Lik a football fan lik me,I shd burn my cable? Ok,wad Big brother africa nudity d movies they shw? I dnt Big brother africa nudity I ve watch dt effing prog called BBA.

BBA should be band dats all……. The height of immorality in big brother is just too much, i dont support it in any way. The Bible talks of scoffers in the end of time. And here they are. Only time will tell. Soon and very soon Jesus Christ will appear. God will bless the writer.

The problm with us people is we are like Thomas, we wanna see b4 we believe and the bible says blessed are those who believe without seeing first. Angelo fingering berverly,bolt having sex with betty,pokello havin sex with elikem… This is terrible, may God save our soul including mine. Remember that our body are meant to be covered. If your eyes will cause you to Big brother africa nudity pluck it off.

God is real! Some of you have chosen to walk into hell wit ur eyes wide open enjoy the pleasurable walk! Like some of you stubbornly said Life is a choice!

So be proud of this choice! No hard feelings! Your email address will not be published. Posted on June 17, by Naija Gists 37 Comments. May God have mercy upon his children I cover my eyes with the blood of Jesus. I still 1nda d impact ds show wl make positively. Nigeria should mind their business, must we be a luguf over every thing.

May Almighty Allah save us from this devils. What does people gain frm watching dis programme. Still for the matured mind no ill feeling keep away if you feel otherwise.

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