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Wednesday morning. I woke up to see the summer sun shining in Chubby milf sucks boy my bedroom window. Bright and early. Well, not exactly. It was 10 a. I was back at home living with my mother and stepfather for the summer, sleeping in as they were off at work. The only noise in the house was the hum of the central air conditioner. Seemed I had the house to myself. I got up and showered to ready myself for another day of relaxation.

As I got out of the shower and toweled myself dry, I glanced out the bathroom window overlooking the back deck and saw that I was not alone. My stepsister, Christine, was walking through the back yard, onto the deck. She was staying with us for a couple of weeks until she could move into her new apartment. She was wearing running shorts, a white t-shirt, sunglasses, and a baseball-style cap. Seemed she was coming back from a jog. At twenty seven, she was Back yard nude sunbathing captions years older than me.

She had just retired from playing for a WNBA team, but she wasn't the stereotypical female pro-basketball player. Christine was tall for a woman, a shade taller than me. She was very attractive with long black hair and beautiful green eyes. Her body was fit from years of playing sports, but still very feminine at the same time. I watched as she walked across the deck to the door leading into the house.

The sounds of the door opening and Christine's footsteps across the rooms downstairs carried up to my perch by the window in the bathroom. Soon she reappeared on the deck with a bottle of suntan lotion, a beach towel, and a Japanese nude art young. She was now barefoot, but still wore her running shorts and t-shirt.

Her hair was tied back in a pony tail. I watched intently as she evenly spread the towel out on the chaise lounge chair. To my surprise, she slid her thumbs under the elastic waistband Carey lowell nude videos pulled her shorts down Back yard nude sunbathing captions fit thighs.

She bent down to slide the shorts down past her knees and step out of them, tossing them aside. She wore no panties underneath the shorts, only the liner of the running shorts and I could see the well-trimmed triangle of her black pubic hair. She removed her sunglasses and grasped the bottom of her t-shirt, pulling it up over Back yard nude sunbathing captions head and dropped it onto her empty running shorts.

Back yard nude sunbathing captions did the same with her sports bra, revealing her perky breasts and pink nipples. I felt like Judge Reinhold from that famous scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High when he fantasized that Phoebe Cates took off her top as she got out of the swimming pool.

But, instead of it being a fantasy, Christine was really nude. I gasped audibly when she stretched and arched her back to pull the bra over her head and bare her beautiful Back yard nude sunbathing captions. I could feel myself becoming aroused watching my stepsister from the bathroom window. Christine picked up the bottle of suntan lotion and began spreading it over her fit body.

She started at her ankles and spread the lotion up her shapely legs, working her way up her tone belly to her round breasts. I was starting to breathe hard as she spread the oily lotion over her breasts. They bounced up and down as she rubbed them with the palms of her hands. Her entire body glistened in the morning sun from the lotion. My penis was completely hard from watching her.

I reached down and wrapped my hand around my hard cock, gently squeezing it. The gentle pressure felt good. I let go to lick my palm, then returned Back yard nude sunbathing captions saliva slickened hand to my throbbing penis.

I rubbed up and down my hard shaft, circling around my swollen mushroom head as I stood at the window, Back yard nude sunbathing captions at my naked stepsister. Gently, I squeezed the hard shaft, causing a clear droplet of precum to ooze from the tip. Christine had no idea of the pleasure she was giving, let alone that she was being watched. As I continued to stare at her, I rubbed up and down.

My weeping hole was making my swollen cock very slippery. My breathing was ragged and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I could feel myself Back yard nude sunbathing captions and my Back yard nude sunbathing captions was building. I stroked faster with twisting strokes up and down my slick shaft.

Clear fluid was flowing from the eye of my cock. I gently squeezed my rigid shaft to milk out more precum, making it even slicker. My hips Black women with big bush hairy pussy rocking back and forth with frenzied lust as I stroked.

I placed one hand on the sink to steady myself as my body shuddered when the first white stream leapt from my spasming cock. My hips pushed forward as I shot stream after stream of cum onto the tiled bathroom floor. I sat down, looking at the small white puddles my lust had left on the multi-colored floor tiles. Looking down, I watched as my cock slowly shrank back to flaccidity.

I quickly cleaned up all evidence of my moment of gratification and went to my bedroom. I put on a pair of lined jogging shorts and my longest t-shirt to cover my bulge it I got hard again.

Even though I had just cum, I wasn't totally satisfied. I wanted to see Christine on the deck. I Back yard nude sunbathing captions nervous walking down the stairs. Butterflies were whirling around my insides. I could feel my pulse picking up as I reached the door to the deck. I put my hand on the doorknob and paused. Silently I thought, "Here goes nothing.

Christine had rolled over and was laying flat on her stomach. My naked stepsister jumped and had a look of utter surprise when she realized she was not alone. He face was becoming pinker as the blood rushed to her cheeks from embarrassment.

Mind if I join you out here for a little bit? Aren't you supposed to be at work? I didn't have a full-time job to come back to this summer.

All of Back yard nude sunbathing captions houses were built on four and five acre lots. Though it wasn't completely private, the distance between houses and the fact that it was mid-morning on a weekday provided ample privacy.

The sound of an occasional car passing by reminded you that you were not completely private. I grabbed another chaise lounge chair and pulled it next to Christine. My eyes played over every inch of her naked back, defined legs, and shapely ass. And she knew I was looking as she tried to hide her embarrassment. Don't worry; I'm not bothered that you wanted to catch a little sun Back yard nude sunbathing captions the tan lines.

Nothing major, just some minor sprucing up. Though, I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about the job. It's a change, but I was ready to retire from basketball. It was fun, but Stella cox image galleries can't get rich at it like the men's game.

Christine was feeling more at ease as we talked. I was enjoying the conversation, but I couldn't help but think that she was so pretty, Back yard nude sunbathing captions laying in front of me without a thread of clothing.

I decided to get a little daring. Do you want me to spread some on your back so you don't get burned? I picked up the bottle and poured a generous amount of lotion into the palm of my hand. Sitting on the side of the chaise lounge next to Christine, I began to spread the lotion over her smooth skin with the palms of my hands. Rubbing up and down her bare back. Relax, Chris. Using my thumbs, I Back yard nude sunbathing captions kneaded the muscles in her neck and shoulders.

It felt good to touch her smooth, warm body. Her body relaxed the more I massaged her neck and back. Judging from her breathing, Christine was Back yard nude sunbathing captions this too.

I Back yard nude sunbathing captions I'm glad you showed up. I slowly brought my lips to the back of her bare neck and gently kissed her. Christine twisted her body so she was looking at me.

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