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Apparently, inas part of a freshman requirement for the city college he attended, all male students took a swim class at the YMCA. He remembers the instructor telling them something about it being more sanitary that way. Was his swim teacher some pervy old dude? Or was this requirement legit? And if it was, why? How would not wearing a bathing suit be any less sanitary than skinny-dipping? He chuckled. In fact, they were a national thing. The American Public Health Association mandated them from untiland thousands of high schools around the country enforced the tradition.

In general, Americans might have been more buttoned-up at the time. However, nude swimming continued. The rationale this time around was that nude swimming was more hygienic. Ymca boys locker room naked asked Beam how so. The idea was to look for any open wounds or other indications that the swimmer might have some infectious disease. For over half a century, no one really seemed to question the nudity rules. Girls, on the other hand, were always required to wear full suits. InLife magazine published a photo of young boys Ymca boys locker room naked a shower as part of a spread on the concept of democracy.

Sentiments began to change around the early s, however. Societal norms shifted and some boys—and their parents—began speaking up. Inin the small town of Menasha, Wisconsin, high school boys and their parents petitioned the school board to allow boys to wear swim trunks to swim practice. But the petition was voted down. The all-male board claimed swim trunks would be prohibitively expensive. Within the YMCA, there was no national mandate, so each location decided for itself Naked kristen stewart nude its nude swimming policies.

But Beam believes the tide began to shift in when Ervin Baugher, the general secretary of the Allentown, Pennsylvania, YMCA reported to an executive YMCA conference that, basically, the reasons for nude swimming—wool fibers and cleanliness—no longer made sense for modern pools, which were then equipped with chlorine Ymca boys locker room naked powerful filtration systems.

Nude swimming became less and less common in the mids, and boys were forever spared the nightmarish experience of strip-down inspections.

But nude swimming is sort of an interesting exception to the general pattern of our culture becoming less Victorian as time goes on. By Jonathan Sanger. Sex poorn dragon ball z Isaac Himmelman. By Eric Markowitz.

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