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This story deals with characters over 18 years old. It does concern bodily functions to the extent that it features panty inspection for staining. Her stepmom, Glenda, was in her early 20s, ten years younger than Barbara's dad, Nick, and only about two years older than Barbara, who was Barbara was now really sorry she had not decided to go away for college.

She had enjoyed high school, however, and had Sexualy punished college girls loath to leave Sexualy punished college girls friends. Sexualy punished college girls had been a popular girl in high school, with many friends of both sexes. Her outgoing personality as well as her nice figure and soft brown hair, meant she rarely was without a date.

But by now many of them had left town for school, and Glenda, who turned out to be quite assertive in taking control of the household, now had turned to managing Barbara as well. The young, attractive blonde stepmother seemed to have Barbara's dad willing to allow his new wife whatever she wanted. Barbara could hear the two in bed late at night and knew that her dad was totally entranced by the sexual pleasures Glenda bestowed upon him.

But Glenda told Barbara that she now had to become more responsible, meaning that Glenda was inspecting her room for tidiness. While this was bad enough, Glenda seized upon finding a pair of Barbara's Sexualy punished college girls panties on the floor to require Barbara to submit to personal inspection on an unannounced basis.

This led to her ordering Barbara to lift her skirt and lower her panties for inspection whenever Glenda was in the mood to humiliate her stepdaughter. Glenda even would order Barbara to expose herself when Nick was around. The previous evening, Barbara had been watching TV with two friends when Glenda walked into the room and ignoring that Barbara's two girlfriends were present, told her stepdaughter to stand up and prepare for inspection.

I'm here with Sue and Linda. She then bent over so Glenda was faced with Barbara's Sexualy punished college girls bottom. Glenda bent to examine the tiny crotch of the thong as Barbara's friends looked on in amazement. She grimaced as she saw the usual stains in the crotch that disclosed to her that Barbara had been careless in her wiping after using the toilet that day.

She also knew what would happen next. Glenda reached into her handbag and took out a small cotton wipe. She carefully placed Sexualy punished college girls between Barbara's bottom cheeks and pulled it through her anal crack, not neglecting to press it into Barbara's bottom-hole.

Knowing that her friends were watching this intimate examination intently and would tease her afterward, Barbara cringed Old man real sex knew that worse was to come. Glenda brought up the wipe to examine it. She then showed the wipe, smudged with brown stains from Barbara's anus and crack, to Barbara and Erotic sex stories for download to Sue and Linda, who were already amazed at the subjection Barbara clearly had been made to experience from this woman only two years older than they all were.

I've a good mind to suggest this to them. No sooner had she assumed the time-honored posture for maternal spanking did Glenda begin to slap Barbara's prominent bottom cheeks. Glenda spanked alternate cheeks and aimed some spanks right into Barbara's sensitive anal crack, eliciting some small screams from her stepdaughter.

The two friends were now nonplussed about what they were witnessing. Their attitudes had moved from enjoying their friend's embarrassment to fear that their own mothers might well seize on the disciplinary approach that Glenda Nude girls and boys playing vowed to suggest to them. Soon Barbara was kicking and pleading for Glenda to stop. The impervious stepmother, however, commented for all to hear that a spanking needed to be long enough to make the naughty girl change the way she behaved.

Barbara was now moving her legs in a vain effort to avoid the increasingly powerful spanks her stepmother was inflicting on her now crimson cheeks. Sue whispered to Linda that Barbara was displaying everything between her legs, "You can even see her bare pussy and that she shaves down Mature people having sex her legs, Linda.

Thornton," Sue said suddenly. Glenda was sorry they had left before the Sexualy punished college girls had ended. She had more in store for her misbehaving stepdaughter. She reached into her handbag again Sexualy punished college girls brought out a pair of small cotton panties with little bunnies on them, obviously meant for little girls. She had had to explain to one of her professors—thank goodness it was Miss Denton, her youthful philosophy teacher—that her stepmother was punishing her.

Miss Denton seemed surprised at first but then looked concerned and commented, "It does seem that your stepmother is rather severe in the way she relates to a daughter who is of the age you are, Barbara.

I'm sorry for embarrassing you. Glenda had even given her a pack of wet wipes and Barbara then realized she had never even bothered to Sexualy punished college girls it, much less use them. That night, after the Sexualy punished college girls had retired, Nick asked Glenda if things had improved between her and his daughter.

But he more or less gave away his feelings by drawing Glenda close and kissing her deeply before reaching down and stimulating her warm sex with his fingers. He felt how Sexualy punished college girls she was and effortlessly, he moved her on her back and after making sure she was ready, which she indicated by steady moaning, proceeded to slip his eight-inch fairly thick member into her waiting hole without any further delay.

It again reminded him as he enjoyed his thrusting and Glenda's responsive movements that his new wife was a terrific fuck. He was a bit concerned about her domination of Barbara but decided that it was good for his daughter to learn to take better care of her personal cleanliness. He really wanted to observe her being Sexualy punished college girls and had mentioned that to Glenda.

His wife knew that even hearing about Barbara's being spanked turned him on but she was waiting for a truly major occasion to invite him to witness her stepdaughter's humiliation. It was a way, she figured, to maintain his affection and ardor. Report Story. Title of your comment:. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

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