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Welcome to the Rape Board - Free rape pictures and videos. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have Salama hayek licking dick register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum Salama hayek licking dick you want to visit from the selection Salama hayek licking dick. What follows is fiction.

This is a story I wrote and posted on another forum some time ago and now I posting it here. Call me Jimmy. I own a mansion on each coast, a large cattle and horse ranch in Texas, and a small island in the Caribbean, along with a number of cars, boats and aircraft. Athletic, intelligent, charismatic, but to be honest, his grades suck.

I Salama hayek licking dick a way to keep him focused. In exchange for him improving his grades, he gets what every teenage boy dreams of. His own Sex Slave. I even let him pick who it would be. Now, I know my son has always had a preference for Latinas. Hell, John Wayne himself had the same preference.

What surprised me was the Latina he picked. I was figuring a local beauty queen, maybe a little Hispanic hottie he had spotted on the beach in Miami, or even a sweet Salama hayek licking dick celebrity like Selena Gomez. I was stunned when he announced he wanted Salama hayek licking dick Hayek.

The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Well, my motivation worked. In fact, it worked even better than I thought it would. Now it was time for me to come thru on my side of the deal. The things a father does for his son. On the advice of a friend who once had a similar problem, I contacted a certain Mr.

Magister, and after a few days, and the payment of a very large sum of money, a non-descript looking van arrived at the private hunting lodge on my Texas ranch. Suffice it to say Mr. Magister and his men are consummate professionals. Earlier in the week, the news had reported the crash of a small private plane, claiming the lives of all its occupants, including that of international celebrity Salma Hayek, on her way to Salama hayek licking dick movie location, in the jungles of South America.

As I said, they are consummate professionals. For a moment, I thought about taking her myself, and telling my son that I needed to train her for him. But I held back.

After all I had promised her to him, and I wanted my son to know that his father always kept his word. Still, as she lay there, I was tempted. I left her in the cage and went to take a shower before bed, a very Cold Shower.

Chapter Two Slowly, the gray mist of drugs that rendered Salma unconscious began to lift and the international star of stage and screen began to realize her predicament.

The last few days were a jumble of chaos and drugs. Her small plane forced to make an emergency landing in the jungle after one of the piolets pulled a gun. Masked men in trucks hauling her off and drugging her, the sound of the plane exploding behind them as the trucks sped away.

Striped, chained and caged, she no longer knew where she was or what day it was, but she had the sense of traveling a great distance for at least a few days.

Now sore, sweaty, tired, hungry and still woozy from the drugs, she felt her trip had reached its destination, but for her the journey had just begun. Light flooded her eyes as she felt the blindfold being pulled away from her face. As her eyes attempted to focus, someone could see the hand of a young man lifting the blindfold out between the bars of the steel cage that help her.

Still gagged she could only manage a whimper at the site of the teenage boy that now controlled her life. She attempted to pull back as his other hand slipped between the bars for the cage and onto her breasts; but the cage prevented her from escaping his groping hand. You will be spending the rest of your life as my slave.

Somehow, she simply knew that's what he was telling her was the absolute truth, that her old life was gone, and that she would spend the rest of her life serving him. Still weak from the drugs, Salma barely reacted as Jonathan unlocked and opened the cage door. Still gagged and change she could offer little Salama hayek licking dick as Jonathan slowly pulled her from the cage she stood weakly unable to protest as Jonathan fastened a thick leather collars around her lovely neck, pad locking it in the back, and attaching a steel chain leash on the front "D" loop on the front.

Slowly Jonathan lifted the leash handle till it was taught and gently began to lead Salma around the room. Disoriented and weak, and with chains running between her wrists and ankles, it was all she could do to keep up with her young master on their first short walk together.

In his free hand, Jonathan carried along riding crop, which he used to gently tap the struggling star on the bottom quietly urging her forward, telling her to keep up; and occasionally, Salama hayek licking dick running the flat slapper of the crop over her full lovely breasts, being careful to be gentle with her, not yet ready to demonstrate the crops of full capability for punishment.

Slowly the blood returned this home was sore and stiff legs, as she walked in on pins and needles around the Salama hayek licking dick at the end of her new masters leash. The exercise worked, and the wobble soon left her legs. To her surprise instead of being angry Jonathan turned and smiled at her. Slowly he approached the chained woman and without speaking a word her gag and then clamped his mouth over hers, forcing his tongue into the struggling stars reluctant mouth.

At 5 foot 2 inches tall the chained, leashed superstar had little chance of resisting the teenage boy who towered a full foot taller than her. As his tongue invaded her mouth, his groping hands began to explore her naked, exposed body. She soon learned that was few struggles she managed were totally pointless against the hormone driven lust of a young man.

The seriousness of her situation quickly began to set in. She was helpless, trapped in an unknown location, restrained and vulnerable, and completely at the mercy of a young man who planned to use her for his own entertainment. As Johnson's probing fingers touched her private areas she was embarrassed by the rush of pleasure she felt at the hands of a man who clearly intended to force her to do whatever he wanted, no matter how much she objected or resisted.

Taking as much of her full breast into his mouth as he could he begin to suck, harder and harder as Salma finally began to find her voice. You want a Salama hayek licking dick girl, someone your own age. Not an old woman like me. Her hips began to rock and thrust, her back arched to force her tits out to be better grasped, and her tongue plunged into his mouth, Salama hayek licking dick the passion he had shown her.

When Jonathan finally Salama hayek licking dick her Salama hayek licking dick, Salma stepped back in revulsion to her unconscious reaction to the man that was holding her prisoner. Jonathan chuckled at the look of fear and shame that played over her humiliated face as he pushed her back into a chair. Yanking her legs into the air by the chain that ran between Salama hayek licking dick ankles, Jonathan took a moment to admire the beauty her elevated legs exposed, before reaching into his pocket and producing a key.

Quickly he uncuffed her ankles, and set about sliding her lovely feet and legs into a pair Salama hayek licking dick thigh high boots that waited nearby. He re-cuffed the chain to her ankles as he spoke.

Outside, it was a typical Texas Panhandle winter. For miles in all directions all Salma could see were snow covered Salama hayek licking dick and fields stretching to the horizon and beyond. Her heart sank and she realized how far she was from rescue or home. The cold wind bit bitterly into the skin of her naked body, chained as she was with her hands close together in front of her, she could do little to protect herself from the freezing cold.

When Jonathan came to a stop on their walk, she found herself rubbing up against him. Trying to slip inside his open coat, craving the heat if his body. Thinking of how warm his hands were, she rubbed her clit against his leg, trying to lure him into warmly groping her again. After Salama hayek licking dick a few minutes in the cold, Salma was begging for his touch. The moment was perfect. Jonathan pulled the blanket from his shoulder, tossed it open onto the snowy ground and order Salam to lie down on her back.

Salma cried, but obeyed as the wind Salama hayek licking dick across her nude form lying on the blanket. Jonathan once again removed the chain from between her ankles. Opening his coat and jeans, Jonathan settled down on top of Salma, his warm coat covering them both, and the heat of his body warming hers as he Salama hayek licking dick his cock into her trembling cunt. The heat generated by her rape served to warm her and Salama hayek licking dick her own even further Salama hayek licking dick her.

Her hips were rocking in rhythm to his hard pounding of her pussy and thrusting up to meet his forceful downward plunges. Before long she felt and unwilling and unwanted orgasm building up in her body. An orgasm she could not deny or stop. After long minutes Good spanking xxx movie fucking into the ice cold weather her mind and body gave in as she screamed an orgasm that went unheard over hundreds of acres of snowy landscape.

Over and over she screamed and trembled. It was an orgasm Salama hayek licking dick she had never experienced before. And yet, Jonathan, the horny young man was yet to be finished with her. As she lay there panting, weak and sweaty, Jonathan continued to pump his rock hard cock into and of out of her. Finally Salam dared to look into her rapist eyes. In them she saw a lust she had never even imagined could exist, Salama hayek licking dick focused on her.

Suddenly Jonathan grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples with all his might, while once again clamping his mouth over hers. The pain of that pinch combined with her inability to scream drove the passionate Latina wild, as her kicked and bucked while Jonathan fucked her wildly, Salama hayek licking dick releasing a long stream on hot sticky cum inside her wet pussy.

The Salama hayek licking dick cum filling her body made Salma thrust her Salama hayek licking dick out, her kegel muscles squeezing to milk every hot drop from his cock.

He lust momentarily satisfied, Jonathan stood up and closed his jeans and coat, once again exposing Salma to the cold. The slight tug on her leash was enough to make her rise without a spoken command.

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