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It should go without saying but everyone should have a Private hacked nudes of people expectation of privacy. In the case of celebrities, there does seem to be a tacit agreement with the public that we all understand that people are likely to stop and gawk at them when they appear in public. Hell, the most famous of people must have even realized by now that if they are somewhere a telephoto lens can capture their image, that they may want to be careful about what they do.

It is sad but true but as of late things have gotten even worse for celebrities as the nude photo leak has become a more and more regular occurrence. It is truly awful that a celebrity can take intimate photos of themselves in the privacy of a private residence or hotel room and even that may Private hacked nudes of people seen by the masses. Furthermore, even in the case of less attractive people who we see entertain us regularly, curiosity takes over and we feel compelled to see what is going on under those clothes.

Instead, right now, we bring to you our list of fifteen female celebrities that had private photos leaked. In order for someone to be included in this list, Private hacked nudes of people have to meet some very basic criteria. They have to be a woman who has become well-known to at least a significant group of people for Private hacked nudes of people reason.

The only other thing that needs to have happened is that photos of them with at least some of their privates showing Private hacked nudes of people to have been spread among us regular folks. Still, even she had difficulties dealing with nude photos meant for her boyfriend at the time becoming widely available.

Having previously had a photo of Private hacked nudes of people taken for evidence purposes in relation to the Chris Brown domestic abuse case leaked, she seems to have seen it as one more blow. Opinions of actors can generally run the gamut, meaning the person I like you may hate and vice versa, but most Hot lesbians wild tarts seem to see Brie Larson as fantastic at her craft.

A target of hackers that found nude photos of her against her will and released them to the public, they Private hacked nudes of people it possible for any schmoe to see her fantastic figure. However, in our minds, the role that made her a star was when she was cast as the titular character in the Netflix series Jessica Joneswhich is part of The Marvel Cinematic Universe. The victim of a nude photo leak inshe had a nuder of images of Krysten released, which cumulatively appeared to reveal pretty much all of her body.

An actress that has been making an impact in Hollywood for more than a decade now, Mary somehow still seems to very much be on the rise. Between recent appearances in movies like Swiss Army ManThe Hollarsand Swiss Army Menas well as an upcoming part in the third season of Fargohowever, she seems to be becoming Private hacked nudes of people bigger star all the time.

Private hacked nudes of people in a nude photo leak that happened inshe responded to her private photos being released quickly. A woman that seems very strong-willed and sure of herself and who she is, Christina seems like the perfect person to play Joan, her memorable character from the beloved show, Mad Men. Also memorable for playing a small part on the cult show Fireflyand appearing in movies like DriveGod's Pocketand Lost Riverour only desire is to see more of her on our television screens.

A woman that is well known for her curvy figure, clearly, someone wanted to see more of her body too as she had naked pictures of her leaked online. An actress that has played memorable parts in shows like Freaks and GeeksThe Private hacked nudes of peopleand Party Downshe seems to have a history of appearing in beloved shows that came to an end far too early.

The victim of a nude photo leak that saw many images of her in various stages of undress hit the internet, the photos were sexy and filled with personality which seemed fitting for her. A statuesque blonde who was cast in the show Chuck where she played a secret agent that was notable for her incredible looks gaining her access to private locations, she was perfect for the role.

An actress that initially claimed the images were fake, that was quickly Private hacked nudes of people by people on the internet who compared the images to ones she knowingly released. One of the most stunning actresses of her generation, Gabrielle seemed to be predestined towards stardom from the moment we saw her and her seemingly endless poise.

Involved in an event where many famous women had nude photos leaked inshe wrote a response to it that was far more revealing than her photos ever could have been. Also recognizable for her role as Mystique in the X-Men franchise and films like Passengersshe certainly seems to have a huge career in front of her too. Known for her charming personality and not taking herself too seriously, her attitude towards her privacy being taken from her was Private hacked nudes of people but entirely justified.

One of the most famous models in the world today, Kate Upton has posed for a long list of publications. Most associated with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issuewhich she has appeared on the cover of in the past, it is a huge deal to appear in the pages of that highly anticipated annual publication.

A lot of people first became aware of Kat Dennings due to her Private hacked nudes of people role in the movie The Year-Old Virgin and it seems like she has been omnipresent ever since. On top of that, she became the star of a show called 2 Broke Girls in and continues on in that role to this day.

The victim of two separate photo leaks, at first there were three photos of her Private hacked nudes of people online but several more became available afterward, although the new images featured far less nudity.

Most famous for playing The Black Widow in The Marvel Cinematic Universethat role alone would be more than enough for a lot of actors around the world. At the time of the release of the images her lawyers also sent out cease and desist orders to websites carrying them but it was a losing battle as once something hits the internet it is likely never going anywhere.

The victim of a nude photo leak inthe images were released at the same time as several pictures of Olivia Munn who quickly admitted that the photos were of her. Blake, on the other hand, denied the veracity of her photos through her agent but eagle-eyed internet sleuths compared her camera, surroundings, and even freckles to other photos of Private hacked nudes of people. The results were pretty conclusive so Private hacked nudes of people question that the pictures were of her have been put to rest.

One of the stars of The Big Bang Theorya show that has become a ratings behemoth, Kaley Cuoco went from having a relatively low profile to being a massive star in recent years. Having previously starred in another sitcom, 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughtershe was well prepared for the grind of weekly television but the increased attention she has received may have been more daunting.

Unfortunately, possibly due in part to her higher stature, she caught the attention of the hackers that were responsible for the dump of nude photos of celebrities that came to be known as 'The Fappening'. Leave A Comment. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists.

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