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It it okay for naked men to flaunt their completely exposed bodies in front of young children as they march down the street during pride parades?

Summer is a time when all sorts of groups hold parades all over America, and even if we disagree with what certain groups have to say they still have Pride of america nude First Amendment right to say it. But nowhere in the U. Constitution is there a right to public nudity. Every year completely naked and nearly naked men participate in these parades in cities all over America, and we never hear of anyone getting arrested.

Can we just take our clothes off and march Pride of america nude the street nude in New York City any time we want now? Of course out on the west coast things are even worse.

We proudly celebrate our bodies as well as the spirit of the 60s that brought us profound spiritual awakenings as well as sexual liberation and body freedom. Not only do we have the right to make love to our lovers in any way we want, we also have the right to dress or undress the way we want. Sexy princess zelda nude have no reason to be ashamed of our God-given bodies, just as we have no reason to be ashamed of our God-given desires.

We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We demand the Im a virgin pregnant of the nudity ban that criminalizes the human body in its most natural form. The nudity ban is not only unconstitutional — for it violates our freedom of expression, not only does it go against the Declaration of Independence — for it deprives us of liberty in our pursuit of happiness. The nudity ban goes against the most basic common sense and against nature, our very own human nature.

If they want to march around in their own homes completely naked that is one thing. But at Pride of america nude events there are lots and lots of children. The Pride of america nude thing is that this is becoming normalized. Up in Canada, the public is actually given tips on how to Pride of america nude their children Pride of america nude what they will see during these events. Your kids will probably see boobs and penises.

There will be Pride of america nude of all shapes, sizes and in all states of undress. Of course the truth is that this is harmful for children, and they instinctively know it. A young girl with blond hair in a turquoise teeshirt knows that something is wrong. She feels assaulted by what she sees.

She implicitly understands that her innocence is threatened by what she sees. She knows something wrong is happening. She does the most natural thing: She hides her face in her hand to protect herself.

There is a reason why public nudity has always been against the law, and there is absolutely no reason why anyone needs to march down the street fully undressed.

But this is where our society is going, and that has extremely frightening implications for our future. Michael T. He is Pride of america nude attorney that has worked for some of the largest and most prominent law firms in Washington D.

Is this legal? Print Friendly. Michael Snyder.

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