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Things are heating up Not using a condom you both know exactly what you want to happen next. Condoms are easy, cheap, and offer protection against STIs and accidental pregnancy. The good news is there are many ways to reduce the chance of a condom breaking. What now? If you realize right away before anyone has gotten close to climaxing that the condom broke, you can throw out the broken condom and try another one.

Are the packages intact? Are your condoms expired? Were they exposed to extreme heat or cold? If not, you can use a new condom and just watch out for breakage. You can take EC up to five days after you have unprotected sex but most kinds work better the sooner you take them. When someone repeatedly has experiences with condoms breaking, it may mean the condom is too small.

A different kind of standard or medium size may work. Using lube can make using a Black erect dick with cum in pants a lot more pleasurable. Pro-tip—apply a small amount of lube to the penis before applying the condom. If you are using the proper size condom, this should not cause the condom to slip.

Use a generous application of lube to the outside. We know you may be tempted to rip it open or use your teeth to get things going asap, but opening the package the wrong way can tear the condom. Putting it on. To make sure you put the condom on correctly, be sure to pinch the tip while rolling it on. Again, taking EC as soon as possible is the best way to reduce your risk of accidental pregnancy.

Smaller condoms are rarely available at your local store but you can get them through websites like Not using a condom BlokeCondomaniaand Condom Jungle. By simply switching to a condom that fits properly you will avoid this situation in the future. If the condom is leaking from the top or the middle, it could have a tear—see the section above on broken condoms. This one can be scary, especially if you have trouble finding and retrieving the condom.

If a condom is too tight or uncomfortable, he can lose his erection. Not using a condom if a condom is not too tight, sometimes the fit is just uncomfortable. A good way to avoid this is to try out different kinds of condoms. We like the sound of that! They also offer lots of other samplers if you just want to explore your options.

You can also get variety packs through a bunch of other online retailers like AmazonCondom JungleSustainand Condomania. Note that lambskin condoms, Not using a condom in the non-latex category, are not ideal for everyone since they protect against pregnancy but not against STIs like HIV. Other non-latex condoms provide dual protection from pregnancy and STIs. Everybody knows someone who knows someone who used a plastic bag that one time.

This is not a good idea. What now: Stop right there. Any material other than an actual condom will not work to prevent pregnancy and protect you from STIs. Most of Not using a condom mishaps could be avoided by using the proper size condom.

If your partner needs a snugger-fit condom, you might feel uncomfortable about approaching the subject. If you are having condom woes, a better fit condom—or a higher-quality condom—is going to be the solution in most cases.

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