Each of us has to crawl out from under the weight of that bullshit and figure out, What do I want? She looks really normal, but her sexuality is off the charts. Note from Rachel: I met porn legend, sex educator and advocate Nina Hartley in person inwhen she came to Barcelona to participate in the annual Erotic Fair.

I found this interview with her to be so illuminating, it literally changed the course of my life. How are you? Are you adequately awake? First of all, I Big cock bulge spandex lycra wanted to tell you that you look as fabulous, sexy and beautiful as always.

What do you do to stay Nina hartley stand up fuck such fantastic physical shape? Do you have a special diet and exercise routine? I credit genetics, a decent diet, lots of vigorous sex with people a lot younger than I am and clever costuming. We first met when you came to Barcelona for the Erotic Convention in A lot has Nina hartley stand up fuck since you were here.

We had Bush as President, now we have a hot African-American guy…. Furthermore, the government is forcing people to buy insurance without the public option, without government option, and they did not put any price controls, or rate controls, into the bill.

So now these assholes can now charge whatever the fuck they want. So it ends up being another money-making scam for the health care industry. We need the European system, we need the European system, we need the European system now.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from you that was pretty shocking: it said you were leaving the adult film business. I will never officially retire from porn because I like it. But the business is changing around me. Number one, as your darling husband knows, internet piracy is killing music. So I have to find ways to make a living.

Luckily, Nina Hartley is a well-known brand in many places around the world. TV, and SexWise. So I wanted an opportunity to get the information and the thinking behind what I do without having to look at the genitals and penises and vulvas and things that affect people. If they asked me back to Barcelona, I would do some sex onstage like last time in Nina hartley stand up fuck heartbeat.

Oh, yeah. I love Europe because I can perform live sex onstage there to mixed audiences and I just love that. Your idea for SexWise is a great idea. Thank you very much. So patient education is obviously all about sex education, because sex is natural, but how to do it in a healthy, fun, enjoyable, positive way is something you have to learn.

Because every culture has its own bullshit about sex. People feel it. So I wanted to give everyone who desires it the tools they need to find Nina hartley stand up fuck own best place. In patient advocacythe nurse is supposed to speak for the patient if the patient cannot speak for him Nina hartley stand up fuck herself.

So I advocate for that. I advocate for Nina hartley stand up fuck importance of that without worrying again, because nothing bad can happen to me because of it. And I role model in public. You know, how can one be more free and open sexually, and have it work? There are very few success stories in that regard, I have to say. Yeah, because again, sex in our culture is very vilified. He knew the topic interested me like crazy, but for the life of him, he could not figure out why, because no one in my family is like me.

Why sex and not painting or pottery or mountain climbing or animal rescue…. Yeah, bull riding [laughter]. I really do love redwood trees and flannel shirts [laughter]. And I play a femme on T. You see, Nina hartley stand up fuck of the things I did very deliberately when I was creating Nina, the idea of Nina, was that I wanted her to reach the greatest number of people possible, so I knew it would help for her to look really conventional.

Conventionally pretty. Oh, her hair is pink. Oh, her face is pierced. Well, I am deeply weird. Or they thought that I Nina hartley stand up fuck a Berkeley hippie weirdo, or a wild-eyed radical. If I looked weird, then they could totally dismiss what I had to say.

And then I would only be able to speak to other pink-haired people, or other pierced-face people. Obviously one of the biggest problems in the Church is the monosexual culture there.

That women have no power, no authority, no rights in the ranks. The disciple Paul was gay, and he made sure that women would never have a voice in the Church. So fuck you, St. The Church needs to start letting women into the ranks. I understand religion barely intellectually. I do not understand it emotionally. I never have. No one in my family believed in God. But they follow all the rules anyway because it makes them happy.

The number two in the Vatican came out in the news and said that the pedophilia problem is the fault of the homos in the church, and not its celibacy policy. Heterosexuals are pedophiles too.

A pedophile is a pedophile, regardless of sexual orientation. How many underage girls have been molested? But there are plenty of young girls and young women who have been molested by priests.

Another problem besides celibacy is the steadfast refusal to allow outside voices in. Any organization that has that much power and that much money is going to run into problems. I saw on YouTube a great appearance you made on a talk show.

Remember when Sasha Grey went on the Tyra Banks show and Tyra Banks totally Linni meister porn video vagina dybde her appearance in order to tear her apart? Tyra kept insisting that Sasha was cold and sub-human and that she must have been sexually molested as a child to go into porno. In a related clip where Tyra appears, you stood up and offered your expertise on the issue.

Nina hartley stand up fuck show that I was on was about regular women who watched pornography. So they brought me all the way to New York City to do a second stand-out in the audience.

I was miked ahead of time. Look, honey, I knew I only had 45 seconds and I had to do my best to get it out there. But yes, women have always been used to keep other women in line. So we get to, because sex is so easy in our country.

If your sexual behavior makes me uncomfortable, instead of taking responsibility for my feelings, I get to dump on you and tell you to stop. There you go! Stop paying attention to it. Everybody is wired for sex pleasure right out of the box. Everybody wants and needs human contact, craves human contact. Humans are social creatures. We need touch. We need affection. We need contact. And most people suffer due to the culture. So each culture has its own hang-ups about sex.

Every culture Nina hartley stand up fuck these issues around sexuality. And each of us has to crawl out from under the weight of all the bullshit. Plus our experiences, plus our family life, blah-blah-blah-blah-BLAH! And religion has been waging a many-thousand-year war against the body and against pleasure, as if feeling good was something that was unholy or not close to God. Homemade booty porn videos of course I have no problem with homosexual behavior; have at it!

And just as every coin has two faces, you cannot create the myth of the virgin without also creating that of the whore. Because all it takes in our culture for a virgin to become a whore is one slip-up.

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