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You did the right thing to confront this guy. How close of proximity was he to Joyce? Is Bonny Doon a regular nude beach? You hate to have a beach closed down due to one bad apple. Gary PS: Joyce, as you are a massuse, I'm sure you take great care of your Naked boys playing with them selfs and are in great physical shape I can't beleive that some were actually defending him!

This kind of behavior is anti-social and is precisely the type of thing that gets our favorite nude beaches closed down. I wish more users had the guts to do what your husband did. I hope this won't stop you from going to this beach we need more people Naked boys playing with them selfs you and your husband out there to show others how to Naked boys playing with them selfs responsibly.

Well have a great nude day and remember a bad day at the beach still beats a good day at work. We're at the beach because we enjoy being nude outdoors, period. I mean really, don't you think watching a naked person do a body massage on another naked person is going to cause somebody to be aroused. Shame on you for wanting to call the cops on some poor guy for doing what is only natural.

Masturbating in public is illegal just about everywhere. Unfortunately there are some people who think that everything should be allowed.

Once when I visited Wreck Beach there was a couple that started to have intercourse on the beach but it was stopped immediately. You need to consider the ramifications if you don't. Next time it could be a little girl or boy he is doing this too,at or about! Needless to say it is not proper to perform that to,at or about anybody!

Good call!!!! I wouldn't consider anything"sun-tan-man" has to say check his profile,he won't even list what country he is from He actually showed more restraint than i would Naked boys playing with them selfs with the guy.

I don't know about how the police are over there but down here they appreciate and in fact expect genuine nudists to dob in such behaviour. In my opinion if a guy has to masturbate at a nudist or clothes optional beach then he is there for the wrong reason and should be stopped before he puts the beach at risk.

As for massaging at the beach and hugging at a club or resort i say go for it,we,as nudists,are ordinary everyday people who just happen to enjoy life with out clothes,hence we should treat OUR beaches and clubs like we would if they were clothed. As i have said before just because we leave our clothes at the gate,don't mean we leave our morals and principles there as well.

Hugging,kissing and even massage should be o. Masturbation never will be. That would spoil the element of surprise that the police would have. Warned of his impending citation or arrest, he might leave before he is caught in the act. Public masturbation is illegal everywhereas it should be. I would have called the police and clearly pointed out to them that Naked boys playing with them selfs nudists don't want and won't tolerate this kind of behavior. Those in charge need to know that we are not sex fiends and that nudists are just nude, nothing else.

My point was intended to be that we should not, at a public beach, do anything that provokes deviate behavior. These are all located in the U. I guess I should update my profile in order to be politically correct.

I have several clients and friends who are massage therapist and they, as I'm sure you do, take their profession very serious. None of them are to my knowledge nudist but I know they are very, very respectfully of their client's privacy and I believe this is due to the nature of the service they perform. My wife and I are pretty much nude whenever we can be but there are several situations when we choose not to be seen when nude.

Some of these are: 1. Taking care of personal hygiene issues. When being intimate. When we might embarress another person. I don't know your personal circumstances but I do believe that most resorts would require you to perform you personal massage therapy in a non-public area. If I offended you I sincerely apologize.

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To post, you must have cookies enabled and be at least 18 years of age. Save Password. Register Forgot Password? Next Page. Country: USA Posts: Joyce and Andy, I agree with calmnude. Country: Posts: Absolutely, you and your husband did the right thing. Joyce, Have you ever thought that maybe you should not be giving massages in public to begin with? Suntan Man you are off base here. Joyce,you are correct in calling the police! Joyce,i agree with most of the other posters,your hubbie did the right thing.

Naturally KIWI. Country: New Zealand Posts: I wouldn't even have given the freak the benefit of warning him. Joyce and Andy, Thank you for your reply. This page was down to skin in 0. Powered By: Snitz Forums

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