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I'm new here. Mommy teaches daughtre how to fuck I'm doing something wrong or not right, please tell me. And bear with me as I'm not an English native tongue. If there are any mistakes in my story, please point them out. I will correct them ASAP.

And, to clarify, just in case someone is interested in it, there are no minors in this story! Everyone is 18 years of age or older. If I'd seen it, I might have been able to plan ahead my reaction, way before the following incident happened The night before this happened Rick and I had a really sensual and hot time together in bed. I still even glowed the next morning - and apparently as well on the next afternoon, when our small one returned from school. She'd gone to her room, put on some music and wasn't seen or heard for some time.

I already began to wonder if she weren't hungry. Oh boy, and how she was hungry! But she didn't crave for the food I had prepared. By the way: my name is Elli.

I'm 36 and I'm married Mommy teaches daughtre how to fuck Rick. Our small one - her name's Kim - had slowly begun to develop some womanly features. Hips grew, tits grew and her ass was really a fine one. I envied my daughter for her figure. And I always knew that we had a smart one, maybe too smart.

Until this day we'd never have thought that she really could be interested in sex or even act out in a lecherous way. And this afternoon, all out of a sudden Kim now asked me: "Can I watch you Mommy teaches daughtre how to fuck Dad fucking, mum, please?

I want to learn about those things. All my mates talk about it and I don't fucking know a fucking thing about that. Some of them even talk about having already watched their parents as they'd done it. And they liked it. They like it a lot. As they say, it made them hot. And so I thought about what to do about the fact that I didn't know anything, not a single fact. And I just thought of the simplest of way of learning would be by watching you doing it. Just like you taught me knitting my shoe-ties years ago, or how to ride a bike.

Sweetie, do you masturbate? Um, is it really that innocent as she said it? I'd just thought she only pretended to be that innocent a few minutes ago.

Could it actually be that innocent? I faced my daughter again, saw her face shining pink but the curiosity got the better of her and she held my stare. Do you think I shouldn't ask such a personal question?

Oh mum, I feel embarrassed when you ask such questions. You know everything. I just thought! I guess, as my question did embarrass you that you've already masturbated before. So, how is it you hadn't asked me with this? How do you know you do it right? I guess, I Why do you wanna watch your parents fuck? Erin said, she always gets an Big black dick free porn kick out of it when she looks at her parents doing it on their couch on Sunday mornings!

She said, Mommy teaches daughtre how to fuck gets hornier that way and she comes sooner and harder. Somehow this image got me going. I felt my juices flowing.

I thought you knew! I thought you masturbated! I thought you've brought yourself to orgasm? Do you rub yourself down there? She still flushed more - if that was even Mommy teaches daughtre how to fuck. She opened her mouth and let out a deep Mommy teaches daughtre how to fuck. I just touch myself down there. But I think it's always as if I miss the actual target, I don't know. I like the feeling but I still Mommy teaches daughtre how to fuck to want more. I don't know. You asked me, right?

Then I need you to trust me. You only get what you want when you cooperate. Do you just touch yourself down there? Or do you try to press more? Did you try to push your finger in? Have you already tried to rub fast? This second, I finally got it.

She had never come to an orgasm before as it seemed. I felt sorry for my little girl. I definitely needed to help her. I needed to show my small one how wonderful it could feel when she would actually come to an orgasm through her fingers. I sat down and pulled her sideways over my lap to let her sit on my thighs. She was so rigid she didn't even react to my actions.

She was so stiff sitting on me that I needed to loosen her up a bit. I started to stroke her head then I went to her neck and massaged her there. Will you show me now? But you have to listen to what I say, ok? You have to do what I say and when I say it, ok? Now, girl, you need to relax.

Loosen up a bit. Put your arms around my shoulders. My hands dropped to her waist as I kissed her wrists she put on my shoulders. It made me happy. But I also got excited a bit. What I was about to do, was still a bit of a blur to me. Nothing got me thinking clearly here. I just wanted to make her feel good. I exhaled noticeable into her chest. Her Mommy teaches daughtre how to fuck mounds of her juvenile breasts were vibrating under my caresses, when she felt my breath on her shirt.

I haven't done anything yet! Do you wanna stop already? Changed your mind? I'll go on. When I kissed her nipples through her shirt, she inhaled sharply. You like it? Talk to me. Otherwise I don't know if I'm doing it right. I want to please you. In fact, I like it very much.

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