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Sign In. Lust for Frankenstein Video. Hide Spoilers. When critics start to use capital letters in an attempt to show their feelings, they are showing more childish emotion than critical savvy. Unfortunately, not one of the commentaries here have managed to give it a negative critique that is indicative Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein any intelligent Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein. The gut reactions are real, though, and you have every right to hate this film once you've watched it.

But when pudgy nerds try to belittle Lina Romay or Michelle Bauer, they are merely showing their inability to critique a film. Whether that emotion translates into lust or disgust is for each viewer to decide but the film defies you to watch it dismissively. You have to react. Franco, using his One Shot Productions team, captures every man's fantasy, the beautiful Michelle Bauer, and turns her into his garish ideal as a Frankenstein monster.

Anyone who Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein this film and declares Michelle Bauer as wasted in the role or not beautiful needs to push away from the dinner table once in a while and join the real world.

Bauer is garishly gorgeous as Goddess, the monster in question, and Franco has truly achieved one of the singular incarnations of the Gothic creature. While she whiled away the '80s and early '90s Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein schlock goofy video fare, Bauer has finally creature a character here that is worthy to be remembered.

And now she can be remembered for her acting ability and not just as a naked body and pretty face wasted away in countless Fred Olen Ray videos. Lina Romay is way past her prime and she looks every bit of her plus years. But she's not cast as a beautiful young thing here, so why does everyone want to fault her for acting her age? Is it a crime to age on camera? Sure, she has some embarrassing nude scenes but the point of the whole thing is that her character is the loser daughter of Dr.

Frankenstein who finally discovers, at middle age, that she has a monster in her control who can possibly deliver Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein lust that her life has always been missing. I'm sure most of the people who have patheticly belittled Romay for appearing nude in this film probably have thrown blankets over their own bathroom Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein. But they sure love to throw those stones. Once Romay's character sets the monster loose, the story just runs its bitter and disgusting course.

But you'll have to admit, you will react viscerally to almost everything that transpires on the screen. When Bauer and Romay embrace as the monster couples with a tree yes, it's trueyou will know that you are deep inside the mind and world of Jesus Franco.

Boris Karloff would turn over in his grave. Universal fans will hate this. The average movie viewer will be disgusted. Fans of erotica, Euro horror and the Unusual will revel in Franco's ongoing nightmare of lust.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. While plump untalented "critics" with a personal ax to grind might rail out against Jess Franco from their sofa beds, intelligent viewers with open minds will understand that Michelle Bauer, as the Frankenstein monster, is not supposed to playing the prom queen.

She's the monster and she's darned good in the role too! Director Franco twists the Shelley tale into something unrecognizable yet oddly compelling. Lina Romay, who plays the plain and unattractive daughter of Frankenstein, gets her revenge on the world by manipulating the Bauer monster into killing her father's enemies as well as a few of her own. At the same time, she allows the monster to go on a killing spree so as to extract lifeforces from her victims to prolong the monster's vitality.

It's all utter nonsense but it's done with the typical depravity of Jess Franco and that makes it all worthwhile when the day is done. It is always good to see Franco tackle one of the legends. A gold booted, amazonian Michelle Bauer as the last creation of Dr. Frankenstein Carlos Subterfuge is a full blown, erotic sex machine! Add to that the delectable Lina Romay as Frankenstein's daughter. What we end up with is a creepy, atmospheric tale of horror, jealously and insanity.

I cannot stress enough how Lina Romay carries this film. Add to that the spooky presence of Carlos Subterfuge as Dr. Frankenstein's ghost. The image of his blood soaked face Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein across Moira Frankenstein's window, his ragged breath fogging the glass is frightening to say the least. This Franco film making at it's best and bizarre! A sexy lesbian Frankenstein with large breasts.

As in most of Jess Franco's recent work not much plot, just a very erotic and bizarre take on Mary Shelley's classic tale of Frankenstein with the nude Scream Queen Michelle Bauer [Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers ], as the monster with a strange voice, and Franco favorite and aging life companion Lina Romay [Female Vampire ; Tender Flesh ] as the sex-starved mad scientist. Her long dead father was of course Dr. Frankenstein, and he has been appearing in her dreams, which sets her off on a mission to make Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein own creature.

The monster becomes jealous, and enraged at her masters sexual encounters, and destroys all who come near. Shot on video with a new American production company called One Shot Productions, it is great to see Franco still making films after all these years.

Make sure to pay attention to the weird digital layering effects and the strange industrial metal music. Frankenstein's monster is a lesbian flootz 7 December Hot, lesbian scenes starring an aging scream queen and an aging vamp Michelle Bauer and Lina Romay are the highlights of this direct to video take on the Frankenstein Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein. Bauer's electro-altered voice is enough to rate this film "scary" and director Franco's Spanish scenery shots are always beautiful.

Pick up the unedited version for the sex scenes. Franco had previously made two other Frankenstein films, both in the 70s and while neither of them are classics they certainly are miles better than this thing, which is just downright trash.

The film pretty much brought a new style in Franco's career, which has become known as the One Shot years. I'm not a fan of this period and for countless reasons that could be seen here. For starters, the film looks incredibly cheap even by Franco standards with its digital video.

The movie features all sorts of strange visual effects, which don't add anything. The worst thing Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein that the film is pretty much disgusting as it features the elderly Romay in all sorts Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein sexual situations. She's certainly seen better days and I'm not meaning to insult the elderly folks out there but when you make an erotic movie it's probably better that you show two young people making out the entire time.

I think it's a sad state for Romay who really comes off bad in this film but it would get worse with future One Shot films. If someone can find an actual story in this movie then they'll win a dollar from me because I couldn't spot one. Romay and the Bauer monster Dr. Gore 10 June I'm not the biggest Jess Franco fan in the world but I figured Bauer could save the day as she usually Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein. I also saw that Lina Romay was going to play the mad scientist.

Romay and Franco doing a movie together usually means that sex and sleaze will Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein the order of the day.

So it was with high hopes that I rented this flick. It takes a brave man to film Lina Romay having sex these days. It takes an even braver man to watch it. Romay gets the hots for Bauer and they go at it. I felt really dirty and confused watching this scene. Some older women still have their looks and watching them get down and dirty can Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein a huge turn-on.

Watching Lina Romay, with her double-wide hips and crew cut, smother Michelle Bauer was not what good times are made of. Bauer still has the body but Romay needs to step aside. She had a good run at being a sex star but it's time to stop. As for the rest of the movie, Franco was up to his usual incoherent ways. Romay gets naked with some other people and Bauer gets jealous. It's all jumbled nonsense with a good helping of nudity. Even if you're a Bauer fan, this one will really test you.

You'd be better off letting this one go. Several little things bugged the hell out of me about this movie, but mainly the star Lina Romay. Her accent was so thick I hardly understood her at points. Then there was the fact that she's not very attractive. What's good is a hot lesbian scene, if you can barely watch it? Also, most of the acting was terrible, the whole look was very abstract and weird.

It was hard to follow, they truly never explained who created Goddess and why hasn't she been seen before, she was just in the next room. Not locked up or hidden in a secret passage or anything.

I think Franco has lost what little mind he had to begin with. HumanoidOfFlesh 28 April The incredibly old and unattractive Lina Romay plays Moira,the daughter Michelle bauer lust for frankenstein Dr. Frankenstein,who does not like her widowed stepmother. Anyway,Moira discovers the hibernating body of another of her dad's experiments,this time of a woman.

The monster,whose name is Goddess is played by the aging Michelle Bauer. Moira falls in love with Goddess and goes on a wild sex-spree that includes killing a bunch of people.

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