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When it comes to hair removal down there, it's easy to get confused by all the different bikini wax styles and salon lingo. But don't worry, because we're making things a lot simpler, so next time you head to the salon you know exactly what to ask for.

Now you can find out what all the names, shapes and techniques mean, from Brazilian to Hollywood waxes, we've covered them all. Oh, and you get to see 'em recreated in glittery sequin style There's no pressure to play around with your pubes if you don't want to, but if you do, these are some of the best styles and shapes to try Ideal for a first time waxer, the bikini line touch up is exactly as the name would suggest, a tidy up around the edges. A good option if you want to keep things on the natural side, but prefer a little more definition.

Hair is removed from anywhere outside of a modest panty line - so around the tops of thighs and any hair above your knickers. Similarly to the How to wax your bikini, the full bikini wax is still nice 'n' natural, but with a little more of a neaten up around the top and sides of your pubes. This is usually referred to as a standard bikini line on most salon menus.

You can keep your knickers on when you have this one done. A French wax differs from other styles like a Brazilian as most of the hair is taken from around the front and sides, but the middle labia How to wax your bikini around the back is left alone.

If you want down there to How to wax your bikini smooth and clean of hair, without feeling too bare, French is the way to go.

The shape of the hair at How to wax your bikini front is totally up to you, but the landing strip is a classic option. Other popular shapes include a tiny triangle and a postage stamp, but feel free to ask for whatever style you prefer. Brazilian waxes are one of the most popular options when it comes to primping ya pubes. Unlike the French version, when you How to wax your bikini Brazilian they take the hair off the top and sides of the bikini line, but also all the way under and around the back, too.

Yep, that means around your bum. Just like with a French wax, when having a Brazilian you can ask for whatever shape you like, many people opt for a landing strip, but another popular option is the Bermuda triangle. It resembles a traditional bikini line wax with just a neat triangle of hair left but minus the fluff on your labia and bum.

A hint of hair for those a bit scared of going completely bare, the desert island leaves a small floating triangle on the pubic bone. The style is most commonly paired How to wax your bikini a Brazilian wax, but you can also opt for a mini triangle when going French. Who said romance was dead? Some clever shaping of the pubic triangle, et voila!

You've got yourself a patch more romantic than poetry. Asking for less traditional shapes like the love heart is pretty common, Sexy hot amateur nudes some therapists have warned against overly-complicated shapes, as they often have to wax in the opposite direction of your hair growth, which can lead to ingrown hairs.

The Hollywood. This leaves How to wax your bikini with no hair, nothing, nada, zip, zero… catch our drift? So be prepared to take your knickers off and don't be embarrassed to get into some yoga-esque poses so your waxer can get everywhere, remember it's nothing they haven't seen before.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Are the Kardashians not happy for Kylie Jenner? The Duchess cancelled an event due to "the kids". Rihanna models new Fenty sunglasses in tiny bikini. Amazon's How to wax your bikini Friday beauty deals are coming in. Cosmopolitan UK. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. If you Teen girl big tits pics galerie to feel totally smooth and hairless, go Brazilian.

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