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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Love, Sex, and Babies. One evening at the end of my second trimester, I was standing in the dairy aisle of the grocery store, with one hand on my back and the other over the kicking baby in my distended belly. A young man approached me, initiated a conversation about the World Cup, and, casually, asked me if I'd like watch the game with him that weekend.

I was shocked. I wasn't putting out a sexy vibe. Not at all. I had assumed that any male attention I receive in late pregnancyincluding that from my husband, would be friendly, not sexual. Why would a man who is not the expectant father think pregnancy is sexy? But then other women told me similar stories about how they got hit on in third trimester. So I Hot sexy pregnant women to look into it, and it turns out that a study on sexual attraction to pregnancy has recently come out.

A team of Swedish and Italian doctors, led by Emmanuele Jannini and Magnus Enquist, recruited nearly 2, men who had joined online fetish groups such as alt.

They presented a questionnaire that asked Hot sexy pregnant women respondents questions about their preferences for pregnant and lactating women.

The survey also asked for the Super monsters of cock ramon and age of each siblingand whether the sibling is Hot sexy pregnant women full sibling or not half-sibling or adopted child. Most respondents reported both a pregnancy and a lactation preference. The average age at which respondents became aware of their preference was about 18 years. What Jannini and Enquist and their colleagues were searching for was evidence that there was something special about the upbringing of men that are sexually aroused by pregnancy.

They knew that a specific stimulus early in life can elicit sexual behavior when that animal reaches sexual maturity. For instance, goats that are raised by sheep are sexually aroused by sheep only. This is called sexual imprinting. Is it possible that boys that Hot sexy pregnant women raised by women who are pregnant or nursing are especially attracted to pregnant or nursing women? It turns out, what's good for the goat is good for the guy. The more exposed a man was to his mother being pregnant and breastfeeding when he was between 1.

A younger sibling is the key to early exposure. The respondents who Hot sexy pregnant women pregnancy and breastfeeding had significantly more younger siblings than expected by chance. Respondents with one sibling were older than their sister or brother in 66 percent of cases.

Interestingly, siblings born of a different Mature chubby blow job does not appear to be related to respondents' Hot sexy pregnant women preferences likely Hot sexy pregnant women a stepmom, for instance, isn't a boy's primary mother figure.

Only a boy's own pregnant mother seemed to leave a sexual imprint. Freud 's "oedipal phase," from about 3 to about years of age, only overlaps partially with the sensitive period suggested by this study's data, the researchers are careful to point out. Sexual imprinting is different in that it's motivated not by sexual drive but because the individual learns what's normal during a sensitive phase of development and later seeks sexual partners that resemble his or her own parents.

What does this mean for women who are pregnant or plan to be pregnant? It means you may be able to predict how attracted your partner will be to you in late pregnancy.

Does he have sibling who was born within five years after him? If so, he's likelier to be turned on by your pregnant self. As for the guy I met in the dairy aisle, I'd wager he had a younger brother or sister. I'd bet more on getting this right than the winner of the next World Cup. I have to say, Hot asian girls big tits sex with a pregnant woman feels different Kellie martin nude fakes a good way.

The whole genital area of the woman feels very engorged, warm and enveloping. We are now past our child-bearing years and I am sure that I will never again have sex with a pregnant woman. But I do enjoy my memories. I wonder how many of the surveyed men actually had had sex with a pregnant woman. I have also read that many men are attracted to pregnant womem due to they know they can't get them pregnant since they already are pregnant.

If they have sex, it is purely physical, not for reproduction. Also pregnant women have more full breasts, more rounded hips and generally, most seem happier which radiates out. I have had an incredibly intense fetish for pregnant women my whole life I have been researching this topic myself for many years and have always believed that this imprinting as a young kid was the reason.

Many people come up with these other theories, like 'glowing' Vanity fucking tay face attractive, the proof the woman is fertile, can't get her pregnant as she already is etc.

But you cannot believe how intense this is for me, and i am so happy to see the most scientific information I have yet back up my theory. Thank You! I just recently found out from my boyfriend that he is sexually attracted to pregnancy. But it goes further then that. He also says he wants to be able to feel what it would be like Hot sexy pregnant women be pregnant himself.

I've never heard of this before. Since I'm not educated on the matter, Hot sexy pregnant women didn't want to be too swift to judge him or jump to any conclusions about his psychological state. I was just wondering if anyone else feels this way or is in a relationship with someone that does? I love him so much and I would never leave him just because he has a certain sexual preference that may be considered taboo. I never saw my mother nor any of my sisters pregnant, ever till well after I knew I like it.

I knew there was something beautiful about it in my teenage years but didn't know why. Firstly, I don't have a fetish with this, but with that said, it is very beautiful to me. Not in a sexual way per say, but in a natural and reassuring way, I think. This in turn Hot sexy pregnant women become very sexual to some, myself included.

I also think there is a natural beauty in stretch marks, but that's another topic. So yes my main point is, it says a lot about nature, and her Hot sexy pregnant women and that is a powerful thing. It will speak to certain men, those who listen, on a sub consensus level that we may not even understand.

I am 28 and I am just now beginning to fully grasp it, I think. Definitely men like pregnant women. I'm 8 months and there are two types of men that I see. Ones that want to protect me, and ones that give me that look. My husband pointed this out near the beginning Hot sexy pregnant women my 7th month. I thought he was just being weird, but he was right. Then he found this music video that some pregnant women made and we laughed for 30 minutes.

I've been attracted to Hot sexy pregnant women my whole life. I discovered my fascination before I was ten, before I knew what sexual intercourse was. That said I'm an only child and was around very few pregnant women when I was very young. I've also never actually had sexual intercourse with a pregnant woman either. I myself have been looking for an answer on why I find pregnancy appealing I still haven't found one that fits me. I just think it goes beyond life experience and closer to the basic instinct to reproduce.

Maybe the gene is just more prominent in some men than others. I found this article because I went to the DMV today and the receptionist was an attractive extremely pregnant woman.

If I see a pregnant woman from a distance it doesn't affect me. But as in this case I was a couple of feet from her and she spoke to me. After re-registered my car and I stopped on the way out just to say how Hot sexy pregnant women I thought she looked. It wasn't a sexual attraction, but she definitely made my heart skip. I didn't tell her that. I commented on how I think it has something to do with Hot sexy pregnant women and biology.

I don't have younger siblings and was not around breast feeding women as a child. Then again I wasn't sexually attracted to her but thought she was probably one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I would have found her attractive even if she was not pregnant, but I am fairly certain it was the reason she made my heart race. I confess, I am a woman and am attracted to pregnant Hot sexy pregnant women. I know of others like me, too.

I think it's because I am attracted to the idea of people making bad decisions or indulging, and then having to deal with the consequences. I'm also interested in fat the consequence of eating too muchand pregnancy is a faster way for someone to get "fat".

I think when breast feed your kids till 2nd grade while you have another child on the boob too makes them feel some type of way as an adult. Or whole pregnant No reason to breastfeed a child pass 3 thats even pushing it. I've got a fetish for pregnant women, and am an only child.

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