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Well, my comment here does not mean I completely agree with you. Now, tell me, have you seen Free kelly khumalo punani pictures guy wearing a jean and no underwear? Well, maybe it is because I am now in CPt, capital city of Queers?

Have you seen those ladies with stretch marks getting off in the Taxi? Have you seen someone picking up something on the floor and look at what is exposed to you?

The bottom line is, our peers don't wear underwear, one of my friend does not wear an underwear at all, especially when he is wearing a jean. Again you ask yourself, is this thing that causes rape in the country? Well, I can spend days talking about this. You will definitely get interesting and weird answers from the question you pose there my friend. Now people think they have right and they can do as they want, well, flash news, respect your rights first before you can have any other person respecting your rights.

For example, Kelly has the right not to wear a brief and "Sam" also think he's got a right to exercise his manhood on what he saw from Kelly. That is how we think, and this thinking is killing us. Maybe we are or maybe we are just experimenting what it feels like having to be like just the way we Free kelly khumalo punani pictures born! Post a Comment. Wednesday, 14 November Kelly Khumalo shows off her virginity to those with eyes to see!

This is not an insult to any women or female but a disgusted man talking here! Women of South Africa need to wake up, if they are asleep, and talk about these things that not only affect them now but are likely to affect the future of their children too.

What have we become? Have we lost our senses and dignity long before we even knew we had Free kelly khumalo punani pictures it? Where are we heading to and do we really know where we are going if can hardly tell where we are? Somebody else needs to say something! This is not an attack on any women — but just Free kelly khumalo punani pictures concern of what kind of a parent, sister, aunt, and grandma you are and likely to become!

Get a grip! Just grown up please especially when it comes to what you put or not put on like Kelly just did! Your clothes or clothes not, just say a lot about you. By the way - becareful with your "right" to wear whatever you want! Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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