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I showed the post to Cassie and was excited. I guess I could say she got turned on by it too. Having our story out there for all to read. So this is the rest of our story. After we finished our intense sexual activity on that first night we were hungry. It was about six p. When the delivery guy showed up I gave her the money for the pizza plus a tip. She opened the door for him still naked to get the pizza. His eyes were as big as silver dollars and his mouth was wide open in surprise to see her naked.

Cassie just paid him, thank him and closed the door. I told her that she was so naughty. We watched a movie on HBO. I had left a TV there to watch when I came back plus the cable was paid till the end of the month. We sat there together, my arm was around her and I held her boob with my hand stroking her nipple with my thumb.

She sat there holding my cock and playing with my balls. It was an R Cassie amateur homemade sex movie with a lot of nudity in it which she liked and so did I. After the movie we got ready for bed on the air mattress. Cassie asked me, I hate to bring this up after this afternoon, but do you have any condoms?

She Cassie amateur homemade sex my neck and said that makes her so happy. We fixed the air mattress with sheets and a blanket and climbed in, snuggled up together. Air Cassie amateur homemade sex are not all that comfortable. I was playing with her pussy and pinching her nipple and she got real Cassie amateur homemade sex and Cassie amateur homemade sex. We took the blanket and sheets off the air mattress and put them on the floor.

Cassie was on her knees and elbows when I entered her from the rear. She said I like it rough remember. I left my throbbing cock inside her for a few minutes while she still had a grip on my balls. We laid there on the floor holding each other for awhile. Then I ask if she wants me to fix the air Cassie amateur homemade sex. I woke up early the next morning as is my custom, Cassie was still asleep. She was still asleep and looked so sweet and cute lying there on the floor, naked.

Long blond hair, milky white flawless skin, dainty little feet. I woke her up. Your clothes! Oh alright I told her and took off everything. Hot cakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and a biscuit with coffee, I told her. We had our breakfast and were talking about our mission for the day. Her cute little butt bouncing along and her boobs bounce and sway with ever move. Her golden blond hair was incredible and the golden blond bush she had was even better. Each time I saw it and those amazing boobs with the hard pink nipples I got an erection.

I kept her from noticing my erection as best I could. About half way through the morning the door bell rang. I had no idea who it could be. I went to the door and peeked through the small glass window. There were two people on my porch. I had no idea what they wanted. I went to put on my shorts and a shirt when Cassie opened the Blowjob on the toilet picture. I was around the corner watching her.

She stood behind the door, hiding. Cassie amateur homemade sex came in, stopped, she closed the door and they turned around. Seeing her there totally naked they both covered their eyes and started stammering. I watched and almost started laughing out loud. Cassie talked to them awhile and they kept trying to get to the door. Finally they left, quickly. Next thing I knew she had my cock deep in her throat and was sucking like there was no tomorrow.

Grabbing my butt cheeks in her hands she pulled me in harder and forced it further into her mouth. I grabbed her head and was fucking her cute mouth so hard. Soon I emptied my load in her throat. I jerked a couple of times, looked down at her. She had taken my cock out of her mouth, licked the cum out of the corner of her Nude alicia silverstone blowjob, and I said, your turn.

She laid down on the floor her legs spread, I tried to get as much of her luscious blond bush Cassie amateur homemade sex my mouth as I could. Licking and sucking her clit. I soon moved to those awesome pussy lips. Sucking them in my mouth one at a time I then buried my tongue deep in her pussy.

Licking and sucking, her legs were over my shoulders, her thighs squeezing my head, she arched her back grabbed my head and drove it into her cunt. I could hardly breathe, her hips bucked.

My hands found her tits and I began pinching and twisting her nipples. She quivered gave out a cry and burst into a Cassie amateur homemade sex orgasm. I drank in every drop of her sweet pussy juice. Wiping my mouth, I up and buried my dick as far in her cunt as I could. Fucking her hard and wildly I came a second time, not as hard or as much but non the less it felt good. We laid on the floor awhile catching our breath.

We had to go someplace to eat. Reluctantly she agreed so we got dressed and went to a nice restaurant near by. We would have to try and finish cleaning after lunch. We had a nice lunch of Mexican food one of my favorites. After lunch I took her to buy some new cloths. She asked me why I was doing that and I told her because in the morning you have an appointment for a job interview with my boss.

I told her Cassie amateur homemade sex all goes well she would be in the secretary pool and from there who knows. Maybe some day she might get a big promotion. After our shopping trip we went back to the house, we undressed as was her rule, finished our chores, had cold leftover pizza watched a movie and went to sleep on the floor. All went very well for her that next morning with the job interview and to show her gratitude that night when we got back to the house we took a shower together and I got to her wash her oh so soft sexy skin.

I washed her pussy real well including putting a finger or two inside Cassie amateur homemade sex. Cassie started jerking my dick with a lot of soap on it, it felt so awesome and it began to get real hard.

I turned her to rinse the soap off Cassie amateur homemade sex tits and covered a nipple with my lips. Sucking her tit like a new born she started moaning and jerking me harder and faster. My wife, Nancy would never do that. My fingering was starting to do its magic on her as her body began to tighten up, her breathing became more rapid and labored. I kept up the Cassie amateur homemade sex and she indeed came hard all over my hand.

She kept jerking my dick and said, I want to see how much spunk is in this thing. I had never cum anywhere other than a pussy until Cassie. Not wanting to disappoint her I agreed.

She got down on a knee then sat on the shower floor so she was the right height. I put my hand on the wall to brace myself as she jerked me off. I started feeling that all familiar tightening in my groin and I told her, here it comes you ready.

With that cum started spewing out of cock, with every pump on it I shot more. It kept cumming till her pretty white breast were Cassie amateur homemade sex with my cum. Stopping she said, my God you have a lot in there. Catching my breath Cassie amateur homemade sex said, not now you emptied it.

She started wiping it off her chest and licking her fingers.

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