The European Commission has selected three European reference suppliers, but despite the sensitive nature of the market, it has not ruled out non-European suppliers since it also chose the American IBM and Microsoft. It believes that it has sufficient guarantees in terms of security and location of data. As the notion of sovereign cloud invoked in France to justify the creation of Numergy and Cloudwatt is not a prerequisite in sensitive areas such as public markets.

Your boss might think that you are currently taking considerable notes. Security Managers will need to have a comprehension of programming, architecture and IT security. Like contractors onto a building site, they have been in charge of addressing a dizzying selection of business problems.

If it does mitigate risks Consider the impact on an company. The risk has never been controlled, the ISMS might not function efficient. Gathering information from every single facet of the company is equally important, to ensure you properly and talking with comprehend and manage all risks needs and priorities.

Is my data safe and secure in the cloud?


From the earliest days of cloud computing, there has been no greater priority for its users than the safety and security of their data, and cloud providers have responded accordingly.

For Google specifically, we view security as a core competency based on multiple years of experience in securing external services like Gmail and Search, with all internal and external products utilizing the same security infrastructure and practices. In fact, for some customers, security (not cost savings) was the main motivation for moving to the cloud.

How is data secured in the cloud?


Security is a multidimensional issue, spanning physical (data center) security, platform and network security, proactive threat detection, auditing, and compliance with industry-specific certifications such as HIPAA and PCI. For that reason, it requires deep expertise, as well as plentiful dedicated resources, to achieve.


For example, when evaluating a cloud provider, consider asking the following questions (at a minimum):


Do you have a dedicated team focused on information security, and if so, how many people?

Is data encrypted by default?

How is data in transit across the public internet secured?

How are data centers physically secured?

What is the process for preventing, detecting, and countering network intrusions?

How are users authenticated?

Which security certifications have been done, if any?

How does security differ from trust and privacy?


Because cloud customers entrust the personal data of their own clients to their cloud provider, trust and privacy have to be a similarly top priority for vendors. For example, Google has strict privacy controls, policies, and training distinct from those involving security, has a dedicated team focusing specifically on trust and privacy issues, and is regularly evaluated by independent third-party audits.



But the CTA consortium shares the market with four other public cloud reference providers: IBM , Atos, BT and Microsoft via the couple of digital services companies Accenture and Comparex. The total market is 5 to 13.9 million euros over three years.


Numergy is thus harvesting a great success in line with its positioning. Created in 2012 as one of the two hubs of the sovereign cloud in France alongside Cloudwatt, the company was bought 100% in 2015 by its main shareholder SFR .

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