Vendôme Solutions, the small ultra secure French cloud, surfs the wave of data protection

Jewelers from Paris, Vendôme Solutions is extending its ultra-secure cloud to all customers straddling the confidentiality of their data. And to reassure the most sensitive, it goes further than the sovereign cloud by implementing the most draconian security recommendations of Anssi, the French cyberdefence agency.

Vendôme Solutions, the small thumbnail of the French infrastructure cloud (IaaS for infrastructure as a service), is surfing the wave of data security. His boss Raphaël Villechaise sees the RGPD, the European regulation for the protection of personal data, which comes into force on May 25, 2018, an opportunity to develop its ultra-secure cloud model in France. ” There are no sectors that are sensitive to data security and others that are not, ” he says at L’Usine Digitale, ” In all sectors, there are people concerned about this problem and others that are less so For the past year, there has undoubtedly been an awakening of data protection concerns, and the GDPR will help us in our development. ”


Data protection is the raison d’être of Vendôme Solutions. And for good reason, this small French cloud player was created in 2012 to offer computer hosting services to jewelers on the Place Vendôme in Paris. Today, it is an ultra-secure sovereign cloud open to all French customers who make the confidentiality of their data an essential concern.

Vendôme Solutions is based on a small 100 square meter data center located near Place Vendôme, in the heart of Paris. PICA Group, a 15-person IT integrator with sales of 3.3 million euros in 2017, designed, managed and operated it before buying it back in June 2017. What was a cloud dedicated to jewelers in Paris becomes a cloud open to all customers with high data security requirements. It represents an investment of just over 1 million euros.


” Today, we have about fifteen customers and our goal is to reach dozens, says Raphaël Villechaise, the founding manager of the company.The jewelers are a minority.The majority comes from sectors such as aviation, car rental, human resources management or innovative start-ups.What brings all these customers together is the commitment to data confidentiality. We do not intend to operate in the high-volume cloud like Orange or OVH, we are rather in a niche market. ”

The datacenter was created in accordance with the most draconian recommendations of Anssi, the national security agency. information system.”We have worked with the agency on the definition of a security benchmark close in the spirit of the international standard ISO 27001, says Raphael Villechaise.These repository will be used for the issuance by Anssi of a label of confidence the SecNumCloud, after an audit by an approved organization such as Afnor We are ourselves a candidate for the advanced version of this label We were audited for this purpose in November 2016 by AFNOR We are waiting for the response from the Anssi. ”

Vendôme Solutions is part of only five candidates to date at the precious slate of the French cyberdefence agency alongside cloud cloud Cloudwatt sovereign cloud, Orange’s public cloud FlexibleCloud, Oodrive collaborative cloud and cloud Outscale Infrastructure, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes. But he shares the claim to the advanced version of the label with Oodrive, which operates in the software on demand (SaaS for Softawer as a service).

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