Smartphone management as Fujitsu service

The Managed Smartphone package of hosted Mobile Professional solutions enables organizations to outsource the management of their smartphones to Fujitsu. The vendor wants to provide companies with the same service standards that are common in notebook or desktop PC management. In Germany, Fujitsu will present the offer for the first time at CeBIT in Hall 2, Stand B38 / Exhibit 5.3.

The offer has a gap. For the administration of an ever-increasing number of smartphones is preparing companies according to analysts increasingly problems: According to Gartner over 75 percent of mobile users will switch to a smart phone until the end of 2012. At the same time, IDC expects the number of mobile email recipients to increase by over a third within the next 24 months.

The Managed Smartphone offering from Fujitsu is a core element of the Managed Workplace service offering and is available worldwide. It includes a package of cloud services for smartphones and tablet PCs.

It covers all major aspects of mobile device management, device types, and mobile operating systems. These include lifecycle and remote management services, information security, training, change management and comprehensive consulting and customization services. Fujitsu also offers Push E-Mail and Personal Information Management (PIM).

Already 100 customers use the service

The service is offered centralized. But in Scandinavia, Fujitsu already has over 100 customers with tens of thousands of mobile devices that use these services internationally in 40 countries. With a worldwide rollout from spring 2011, the service will initially be available in Europe.

In Germany, the service is available per device per month at a price of around 5 euros for the standard package and is supplemented by an “advanced” package from about 10 euros, which also provides secure access from the smartphone to the corporate intranet allows.

This offer includes extensive protections that span the lifecycle of a device, as well as securing a possible theft or loss. The security features provided by Fujitsu include anti-virus, firewall, spyware checker, various authentication and encryption features, secure access to corporate data and applications, and backups.


Raphaël Villechaise does not intend to stop there. “We meet the sovereign cloud criteria since we are a French company with a data localization in France,” he says.. We want to go further by also respecting the interministerial circular of January 2015 on the security of information systems dealing with so-called restricted data. This circular goes further than the SecNumCloud repository and provides the highest security data just below the secret defense level. It concerns the ministries, administrations and local authorities for some of their data as well as sensitive companies. While the SecNumCloud repository refers to the organization and processes, this directive refers to the technical measures to be implemented. We work with the Anssi to define the corresponding repository. ”

Beyond the commercial development of its cloud, PICA Group makes Vendôme Solutions a showcase of its know-how in the design, management and operation of ultra-secure data centers. With the objective of selling its services to all those who want to implement, manage and operate cloud meeting the highest requirements for data security.

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