Orange relies on the international and customers sensitive to data security to boost its cloud

Orange Cloud for Business, the Orange subsidiary in the cloud, wants to grow more than 20% per year. The program: the extension of its infrastructure in the United States to support its key accounts customers internationally and SecNumCloud to capture the most sensitive customers to data security.

We know Orange as a telecom operator. But it is also a digital services company (ESN), the fifth in France according to the firm Pierre Audoin Consultants, behind Capgemini , IBM , Atos and Sopra Steria. As such, Orange is one of the major French players in cloud computing. The incumbent operator speaks little about this activity. It nonetheless displays the ambition to develop both in France and abroad.


Since January 2013, Orange’s cloud computing activities have been grouped together in Orange Cloud for Business, a subsidiary headed by Philippe Laplane. It operates exclusively in the infrastructure cloud (IaaS for Infrastructure as a Service and PaaS for platform as a service) under its three modes of deployment: private, public and hybrid. In the public cloud segment, it operates through three offerings: Flexible Computing built on VMware technologies , Flexible Engine built on Open Stack open source platform and Cloudwatt ruler cloud platform. But it differs from the US giants Amazon Web Services, Microsoft or Google by the focus on managed services.

“We do not just to provide customers processing capabilities, storage and networks, explains Philippe Laplane Digital Factory. We also offer to assist them in migrating their applications to the cloud and in the management of We are able to take care of everything except software maintenance. ”


This activity employs 1,500 people, including 900 in France. Philippe Laplane, which claims 15,000 customers including the LVMH group , remains discreet on the turnover. According to data provided to L’Usine Digitale by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), Orange Cloud for Business posted a turnover of 330 million euros in 2016, an increase of 22%, of which 28% was international. Which makes it the number two French infrastructure cloud behind Atos, credited by PAC with a turnover of 950 million euros in 2016, but ahead of Capgemini (225 million euros) or OVH (165 million euros) euros). ” We are growing at more than 20% a year,” says Philippe Laplane.Internationally, our growth is close to 50%. We remain cautious about how to approach the market. But our goal is to continue to grow at this rate. ”

How? By focusing on the international.” We support our key accounts in Europe and Asia-Pacific, says the boss of Orange Cloud for business . We are preparing to expand to the United States . Not to capture local customers. This market is complicated by the dominance of the American giants. But just to accompany our customers there. “That’s why a datacenter will be open at the end of March 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. It will complete an infrastructure of four datacenters: two in the Paris region and two in Singapore.


The other axis of development lies in the exploration of the most demanding clientele segment in terms of data security such as state services, local authorities, hospitals or companies in sensitive sectors (defense, aeronautics, energy , health …). In March 2015, Orange acquired Cloudwatt, one of the two sovereign cloud players created in 2012 with the participation of the State .

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